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Even though Fashion month is here in full effect and the blogs are dripping in Spring/Summer 2013 imagery, I am blissfully awaiting the crisp air that comes with Fall. I enjoy living in the moment. Not only is my wardrobe ready for the endless amount of layering that is in store but my home is ready for a little warmth. 
Recently, I have moved my family into a new space. It desperately awaits decorating and while briefly in a rut, I figured seeking inspiration for my own wardrobe wouldn’t hurt. Here I did the reverse. This is a look I created based on a room by interior designer, Katie Ridder. Using not only the mix in color and pattern play in the room but also, I’ve taken in the vibe. The room is rich and elegant and yet casual and cool all at once. I guess that is exactly what this season should feel like. So how about you, do you dress your home the way you would dress yourself?

guest post by  Yanira from Manolos, Manicures & This Mom

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