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Remodelling your bathroom can be a tricky endeavour. Depending on a number of factors it’s possible that putting one of your bathrooms out of commission can seriously clog up the natural rhythm of your household. It’s important that you know what, how, and the length of time needed to redesign a place like your bathroom. In order to not have remodelling stall be sure you have a detailed plan of action before you go about making changes. Make Sure Your Water Drains What people sometimes tragically overlook when remodelling a

Winter is truly unpleasant if your home is cold. You can’t sit and watch the TV if chilly drafts are blowing under the door or there is ice on the inside of your windows. Installing an efficient modern central heating system is the best way to beat the cold, but if your boiler is old or you can’t afford to have the heating on 24/7, here are a few ways to make sure your living room is as cozy as possible. Block the Drafts Drafts are a nightmare during a

Spring is coming! So what better way to prepare your entire living space for this season than some dreamy floral elements? This is the perfect print for this lovely period of the years and also the flowers and plants give that fresh vibe that any warm home needs. 1.Get the floral vibe in your living room If you want your home to be ready for this new warm season start with your living room. Choose floral cushions for your sofa, an arty floral rug for your floor and also fresh

Since I first saw ,,Gossip girl’’ I’ve been obsessing over the  ,,Prada Marfa’’ image for my dream apartment. Now, I think this is still the first picture I want to hang in my perfect room, and make it the key element of a fashionable and classy apartment. So, here are my favorite 10 ideas on how to decorate you room using this iconic text. 1.Bricks and wood The brick wall gives a cool unfinished look to the apartment, while the ,,Prada Marfa” print makes the entire room look fancier. Also the

We all want to live in a clean and healthy environment. And the best place to start doing that is to make your home more eco-friendly and more close to nature. Bellow in this article you will find five key tips you can directly apply to your household to achieve a “green” interior. They are not that hard to do, and they instantly make a better impact not only to the environment but your health as well. Before the head to that, check some of these superb deals and offers

In this modern age, gone are the days of buying a huge house and lot just to accommodate a family of five. Due to the continuous rise of population, people are getting conscious about saving resources. Land may not be scarce, but other places are yet to be developed for it to become livable. In cities, most real estate developers choose to build high- rise buildings and market them as temporary homes for starting families, students, working professionals and even retired citizens. Condominium living is a strong trend today, and

Having a decor blog is funny sometimes, especially when the first thing a person says when you tell them that you post dreamy interiors is and I quote, ” Oh my god, your house must be amazing”… Which to me is funny because that is not true, I told you this before, not having my own place has this decor freedom downside. The plan is to change that in the near future and I’m already picturing the whole space, looking at so many gorgeous spaces daily takes a toll on

Keeping your home clean is a constant battle. Especially if you have children and pets. And stains are a very common problem as they can difficult to shift. Spilt food and knocked-over drinks are the most common cause of nasty stains and are some of the most difficult to clean up. So if your home has troublesome stains you’ve tried to get rid of, have a look at our stain removal tips so you know the best way to tackle them. Getting rid of stains in your kitchen Your kitchen

If you suffer from mobility problems or a painful medical condition and you’re looking for ways to make your home more comfortable, you may benefit from taking a look at these top design tips. By following the suggestions, you stand to boost your quality of life and you can help ensure you feel relaxed and content in your property. Invest in good quality furniture Good quality furniture is a must in any home and if you’re looking for the ultimate in luxury and convenience, it’s worth checking out the selection

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