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For the past three days or so I’ve been in the process of repainting my room. There’s was a certain green shade on the walls that made me question everything, now I have beautiful white walls. The whole thing started because of a couple of furniture changes here, new bed, new wardrobe and besides the painting gig,  I had to sort a lot of clothes and stuff. The thing is,  I ended up throwing about sixty percent of everything and I’m still not satisfied on how the space looks.  

Don’t know about you, but I just love faux fur throws on almost everything. Gives a space a luxury look, and elegance too. Aww yeah, and an extra dose of coziness. Am I right? Here are a couple of beautiful spaces incorporating fur accents in their decor.  via planet decor, polienne, stonetextilestudio, a touch of luxe and tumblr

First of all, don’t forget to enter the Art Limited giveaway, you can win a gorgeous wall piece. Now, here are five of my favorite spaces featured on DDD’s inspiration station aka, this week. I know, shamelessly promoting it, but hey there are awesome interiors there… Don’t forget to follow on bloglovin’ too * wink * here * wink * Enjoy!  Toronto Interior Design Group / Yanic Simard  Douglas Friedman  Suellen Gregory Mark Tuckey

Happy Friday, darlings! This is my last day of vacation, actually vacation is quite inaccurate because I worked throughout the week, but no classes, so that was awesome.  Wonder what’s with all this pretty spaces? They were saved by me in the last few days hoping to include them in several posts, but observed a little pattern and they go well together, even though they are quite different. Can you spot it? I’d say they are all modern contemporary. I’m absolutely loving the color blocking pillows and the amazing wall art here.

Happy Monday! Let’s start the week in a colorful way, I’m one of those people who actually love Mondays, almost always.. . Before our weekly workspace feature I wanted to share this beautiful rugs from Bluebellgray, their fist collection of rugs that is. If you can remember, I posted a bit about them back in March, actually their founder’s home here.  The rugs feature Bluebellgray’s signature painterly  floral and abstract designs in oversized watercolor brushstrokes in a fresh color palette. 100% wool, they will be available starting this month. My favorite is the abstract

The simple sweet evenings, when all you have to do is just lounge and relax.  I’m enjoying a green tea, trying to make a habit of drinking one cup of green tea everyday, and browsing sofas online. Why you may ask? Not that I don’t like to do that, but I do prefer shoes and bags…  Well, because my mom came up with the idea we should get a new sofa.  The second, she said that, my eyes started sparkling, hmm, a new sofa is great but if you change

What do you think about glasses?  And no, I don’t mean prescription glasses or sunglasses, I’m referring to glassware, Murano glassware to be more exact.  Love it. Let me tell you a fun fact: Murano is an island in Venetian Lagoon, easy reachable from Venice itself by boat in the north of Italy and that original Murano glass is really hard to make. There’s a small interval, before the glass passes from liquid to solid state completely, when the artisan can shape the material.  When I was a freshman in

that pretty awesome kitchen floor, all of it for that matter… is it me or peonies make everything better? “The mind is everything. What you think you become.”  Buddha  quote in which I strongly believe. those super cute pillows from dwellstudio all via pinterest

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