Structured kitchen

I kinda exaggerated with the amount of photos posted but  this stunning space has four purposes, kitchen, dinning area, pantry  and laundry room. Pretty cool, right? It won the Audience Award at Casa Decor Awards for best space if my Spanish isn’t that rusty, correct if I’m wrong. Luisa and Chone Deulonder the Sotilla of Deulonder Arquitectura Doméstica are the interior

colorful rooms

For some reason, every time I’m in a funk and I see pretty wallpapers and colorful rooms I suddenly feel better, design has a therapeutic  side to it too. Plus, I always love a good dose of boho & eclectic  decor.  My grandma had an iron stove similar to the one in the first picture, ohh sweet memories… via 1 & 2

Dining etiquette 101

For formal dinner parties ladies! Click on the photo for the original size:)  Salt or/and pepper: they should be passed together even when only one is requested. Don’t season food before tasting it. Place card: Never switch or change seating arrangements already planned by the host. Stemware ( glasses): Glassware is limited to four. Wine is poured from the right. Don’t overfill

light decor

I’m battling an awful headache and utter laziness, because I’d do anything else rather than my financial analysis project for college… At least this two pretty images make my day better… ps: I started to add inspirational interior design albums on DailyDreamDecor’s facebook page, started with bedroom photos, and soon I’m gonna edit the about me section too… *via unknown*