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Seriously, how dreamy is this apartment? With a tree and a little greenery? And in the middle of Paris? The owners, both architects, had the artificial tree installed before the solid oak floor, which along with the light makes the space very calm & inviting. The greenery is actually the kitchen, so effortless. Let me tell you that a big part of the living, kitchen and dinning area is from Ikea, so yeah, mixing & matching. There’s no need to break the bank for a dreamy apartment. Well, the tree

This gorgeous apartment is a work in progress by the Ioka Design Atelier, but I had to share with you guys because it looks uber dreamy. Even more excited because it’s in Romania. I discovered the Ioka ladies, Iulia Oniciuc & Camina Nicolau on instagram a while back and their work caught my eye, you can see their entire portfolio here. Why I picked this apartment from their works? Because of the space organization in the living room and the awesome tiles in the kitchen & bathroom. Also, pretty cool

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