snobbish decor

Just a couple of photos that I took today at an event… The birdcage with candles inside looks wonderful, am I right?  The title comes from the main attraction of the event, Snobbish Breakfast, a collection of pretty dresses, if you want you can check them out,  here,  on  my fashion blog. …unfortunately the light didn’t help much and my

eco bedroom

How lovely is this eco bedroom redecorated by designer Samantha Pynn for a 16 year old girl? I especially covet the cherry blossom art piece and the beautiful light blue armchairs, which are actually from Ikea… though, Samantha added a little twist to them…  All the products used are listed here, and maybe you’re lucky and can watch Pure Design

rooftop apartment

I think this is my favorite interior up to date, ok, from the ones I posted on this blog. Nevertheless it’s definitely in top 5…  At first, I couldn’t believe that this is actually a Manhattan rooftop apartment rather than an old english country house.  Maybe I have this impression because of the light filled conservatory rooms that form  this