minimalist decor

Minimalist apartment design in Stockholm, isn’t it gorgeous? I especially love the delicate feather wall piece above the bed, I would love to try something similar but above my desk, maybe a dandelion in the wind or an inspirational quote. Something like, “stop procrastinating”… So much stuff to do, so little time… though, I’m getting back to every lovely comment

Gold & Amethyst

This is the kind of jewelry that makes my heart sing… Cheesy, I know, but how gorgeous is this Stephen Russell Gold & Amethyst necklace from around 1850. I think it’s perfect and even though I don’t want to think how much it costs, it worths every penny. slimpaley via hearbeatoz & bijouandboheme

Happy Friday

I know it comes a little late but the royal wedding and a visit to the doctor, kept me from posting these lovely pics earlier. Have you seen the royal wedding? I bet you did, everybody saw it, am I right? Catherine’s Alexander McQueen dress designed by Sarah Burton was utterly amazing, and she looked gorgeous. Ok, all the event