Chalkboards & Pinboards

Currently, my desk is full of post-its, everywhere you look there’s a post it, yes I’m that organized. So, I’ve been thinking of getting a chalkboard or a pinboard, more a pinboard than a chalkboard because things could get messy with a chalkboard, and I don’t want to bring college home:) I particulary love these ones from restaurationhardware, even though

the purple family

How one can love a color, or more like an entire color palette, and actually don’t use it? That’s my case, I love lavender,lilac and all purple shades but I don’t use it all.A notebook there, a nail polish  here but that is all, aww and a  template based on the color purple for my fashion blog. Still, purple must


I know I posted too much today but before I go to sleep, yes here is evening, I want to share this beautiful blankets, throws and sheets from Sefte‘s catalog. Simply by looking at the first image, serenity surrounds me… Imagine how great it would look  in a spacious, light, bedroom?  Though, I wouldn’t be upset if I had the