Sweet Home Alabama

I must say that this one my favorites interiors from the ones I posted on the blog, don’t get me wrong I love every single one but this Alabama home designed by Paige Schnell and Doug Davis of Tracery Interiors is just  perfect. Plus, I have a little obsession with the South lately,  and no, it’s not because Hart of

DIY two tone bench

If you are a fan of the Céline two tone bags , you’re DIY savvy, love Ikea and want something similar for your house, this is DIY is for you. Actually, you don’t really need to be DIY savvy because this one is really simple. All you need is a bench, you’ll find the one pictured above at Ikea, all the items


How was your new year’s eve? Have you had fun? I fairly did:) That’s a snippet of my night, pity the rose sparkling wine was good only for photos because it tasted horrible, I couldn’t even drink one glass that horrible it was. Well, next time I’m gonna read the tag…

Dining etiquette 101

For formal dinner parties ladies! Click on the photo for the original size:)  Salt or/and pepper: they should be passed together even when only one is requested. Don’t season food before tasting it. Place card: Never switch or change seating arrangements already planned by the host. Stemware ( glasses): Glassware is limited to four. Wine is poured from the right. Don’t overfill