small space loft

This Toronto loft has all you want from a small space, living room with seating area & office, open kitchen  and even a mini bar, how can you not love a home with a mini bar, really now… well, you know, a martini is always welcomed. Besides my love for mini bars the exposed brick walls swoon me completely, and

Michael Aram candles

Instead of finishing a paper due tomorrow I’m browsing the Nordstrom at home department, I’m a big procrastinator, and I couldn’t not post these awesome Michael Aram wax candles. Now, I bet the scent is amazing, yet, that’s not the reason I’m smitten with them but the design because I after the scent tickles your senses you’re left with a really

colorful rooms

For some reason, every time I’m in a funk and I see pretty wallpapers and colorful rooms I suddenly feel better, design has a therapeutic  side to it too. Plus, I always love a good dose of boho & eclectic  decor.  My grandma had an iron stove similar to the one in the first picture, ohh sweet memories… via 1 & 2