Lovely Brooklyn apartment

What do you love most about living in Brooklyn? β€œThree things. The open sky: There are no high-rise buildings in my neighborhood, which means shorter shadows and a lot more sun on the sidewalks. The food: At Caputo’s on Court Street you can buy fresh mozzarella from an Italian man who’s been making it by hand for nearly fifty years.


Literally, thank God is Friday. I don’t know  if I could resist another day without sleep. Sorry for skipping posts,  only three more weeks to go and I’ll be free. Ok, almost free:) Also, have you noticed that I post a lot of chair photos? It seems I have a thing for chairs… *source unknown & french style interior by

DIY office space

Continuing the small space theme, this is a great idea for a office if you don’t have room for an actual one. At the end of the staircase, that’s if you have one,  just add a desk, frame a couple of prints & paitings and you’re done! Though, I think it works for other parts of the house too… Also,

High Street Decor

Or when shabby chic meets feminine decor. Ana of High Street Cardigans, the owner of this lovely apartment is a fellow ro fashion blogger with an exquisite taste. I visited her new home a couple of weeks ago and let me tell you that the pictures don’t do justice:) Q&A with Ana: Tell us more about your apartment.  I recently