8 Enchanting tips on how to make your bedroom look bigger

We may have a bigger living room, but the bedroom is always a problem in terms of space (maybe it’s because of the closet and the clothes) and we need to fix this issue fast and with easy tricks. So, we gathered eight dreamy and easy tips on how can a small bedroom really seem bigger: 1. Add a room

A painter’s dreamy studio in Brasov

I’be been wanting to show you these for a couple of good weeks, well, since I visited Irina Neacsu‘s Brasov studio. It’s been a while, I actually posted a vlog too, it’s in ro, but if you wanna catch the vibe. The home of the studio is a historical house from the Black Church’s ( Biserica Neagra) patronage restoration portfolio.

The new DailyDreamDecor

We were a bit shush these days, because the new design was being implemented and of course some not so dreamy stuff went down. Ehhm, it was totally my fault, I installed updraftplus to do a backup and it completely messed up with the site, so don’t use it. Gabi, our IT guy, swooped in and saved the day and

7 dreamy tricks on how to create a cozy space

Summer or winter, there is no season in which a cozy vibe can miss from ones home. It’s inviting for guests and makes you feel homier, so follow these seven dreamy tricks on how to make your home even cosier than before: 1. Mix & match textures The game of textures is essential for a cozy room. Add knitted covers, fluffy

Best Countries for Green Living

Green technologies are slowly taking over the energy sector within many of the world’s most prominent nations, but there is still a long way to go before the world reaches the dream of 100 percent renewable energy. The idea behind these green energy sources is to provide the same level of power availability that can be achieved with fossil fuels

4 Exotic Ways to Style Your Windows

Traveling is all the rage nowadays, with many travel bloggers and instagrammers showering us with images of breath-taking landscapes and impossibly exotic scenes. For many people, these images are used as inspiration for our day-to-day life. Nowadays it is unnecessary to set foot outside your country in order to decorate as if you were living in the shadow of the