Because we often look for inspiration  and we also love going to French style bistros and coffee shops, this year  kitchens started to get a French bistro look. And we definitely love it! Imagine sitting at home and pretending you’re in a fancy coffee place in Paris and you get to decorate it exactly as you wish. Sounds great right? Well, here are seven tricks for you in creating the perfect French bistro lookalike kitchen: 1. Add French bistro chairs of barstools Made from rattan and in two dreamy colors, French

If you are a shoe maniac, you love accessories or you are looking for the coolest shoe storage suggestions out there, we will tell you that we picked the dreamiest styles just for you. We found six chic ideas for your home and also found some practical shopping suggestions we are sure you will love: 1. The cool factor Add your favorite shoes on a vertical rack and surround them with dreamy lights. Decorate this gorgeous space with retro photos and chic bags and you will love the result! 2.

 Duvet covers serve both a practical function and a style component for your bedroom. If you are shopping around for the perfect duvet cover, here are a few tips to help you decide on the perfect addition to your bedding. The Benefits of a Duvet Cover #1 Protect your Duvet with a Cover Down comforters and duvets absorb sweat, body oils and any other liquids that may come into contact with them. Dirt and dust also accumulate on the surface of your duvet over time, staining and soiling your duvet.

Are you renovating your kitchen with a new worktop? It’s a great way to spruce up the kitchen and add value to your home. There are so many different choices available to you for your new kitchen counter. Depending on your budget, you could select from the finest materials such as granite and quartz, or if you are looking for something cheaper, then a veneered counter surface will look good in your kitchen as well. Still on the fence as to what worktops will look best in your kitchen? Let

When you go to IKEA you have so many options to choose from, so we figure out you can choose an item according to your zodiac sign. That’s easier, right? So, let’s see what every sign will really want from this dreamy Scandinavian store:   Aries Because this sign really loves collections and having a lot of hobbies he would need the perfect shelf unit for its dreamy home. So, this new Fjallbo piece will be perfect for an Aries. Taurus A Taurus really loves comfort so this new IKEA

I’m not usually a fan of any kind of shelving units above the bed. Why so? Because two reasons, they remind me of some very ugly bedrooms from my childhood ( not my bedroom, thank God) and second, earthquakes. Don’t laugh, imagine a vase hitting you while you’re sleeping. See? Not fun. Still, I’m loving the whole aesthetics of this Ikea bedroom, the shelving looks very dreamy and the little workspace area near the bed is very practical, especially when you lack space. Though, there’s still the earthquake issue…

Summer is the season when you can relax more often in dreamy showers and to really make this space a splendid oasis, we tough about some dreamy and creative ideas for you. So here are seven inspiring showers that will definitely make any day more relaxing: 1. Moroccan vibe This terracotta shower makes you think of a paradise in Marrakesh. The green plants give a nature feel to the space and the adorable tiles make you think of a dreamy pool. 2. Japanese dream Dreaming about butterflies and fantasy wallpaper?

A tiny dining table can be also stylish and actually it can become really chic and intimate for a couples dinner or for a small friends gathering. So, to help you out make the perfect table setting we picked seven dreamy and tiny dining spaces to tell you how to style them for the perfect small party: 1. French chic mood In a neutral space with white walls, add o pop of color by choosing a pastel chair or two. Math them with some pastel flowers like tulips or camp

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