French silk pie

For me this recipe is incredibly hard, but for some who actually baked this kind of pies before is a piece of cake, pun intended. Nevertheless, it looks utterly delicious.  French Silk Pie by Pastry Affair Yields 1 9-inch pie 1 recipe for 9-inch pie crust dough (such as this recipe) 3/4 (1 1/2 sticks or 170 grams) cup butter, room

a new week + a little thank you

Olivia Palermo’s outfit is perfect, really diggin’ the military style comeback of this season! She added a little twist and still looks pretty feminine. Speaking about what I’m enjoying lately, another detail that caught my attention is that light bulb lamp in the second picture,  I think it would look even more awesome half filled with pebbles… Also, thank you for

Bathrooms with style

I somehow manage to procrastinate during weekends, actually more like Fridays & Saturdays and then on Sundays, posting galore, on both blogs. that is  So, this lovely afternoon, I’m going to show you a couple of bathrooms with style, hence the title, that I really love. Let’s begin.  First, a modern black and white bathroom. Got to love suspended  cabinets and the

Decorating tips for beginners

Whatever the motivation, for some beginners getting into home decorating can be a challenge, necessitating thinking about colors, surfaces, lighting and furnishings across a whole house.  As with any major undertaking, however, the trick is to tackle decorating room by room, rather than trying to launch a complete makeover in one fell swoop. Walls, floors and colors A professional interior