Guesthouse in Amsterdam

If you are planning to visit Amsterdam and don’t know where to stay, try Maison Rika, the stylish guesthouse of stylist-turned-designer Ulrika Lundgren. The three room guesthouse is located right above the Rika store in the center of Amsterdam. Love the sophisticated effect of the black floors, and the whole black & white design + the color pops. How fun is the

Tasmanian home

A beautiful renovated Tasmanian home, love the exposed beams , they give an extra laid back touch to the open space, living room and dinning room that is. The artwork and the mismatched, actually different colored, chairs are just another gorgeous detail.   Artwork and flowers aside, this is one manly house,  maybe because of the hallway, vintage bottles or the bedside

purple hues

A big thank you to everybody who spared 3 minutes to fill out the survey. Now, your answers and suggestions, make me realize some things; like in that episode of How I met your mother, when someone points it out something out that’s when you actually see it, that’s the case with the blog’s design, I was quite of fond

urban bungalow kitchen

I’m smitten with beautiful kitchen by architect Michaela Mahady, I tried to find the whole house, at least the whole kitchen but no luck. Still, I had to share it because it so well and fun organized, the 1,2,3 plates and those jars are a couple of must haves if you ask me… this goes in my future kitchen inspiration folder… As