cork walls

How is your weekend going , lovelies? Mine quite relaxing, I have a ton to study and a couple of projects which are due next week and I can’t find, let’s say, the inspiration to start anything… bookkeeping was never my favorite subject… instead, I’m browsing pretty homes. I work best under pressure, when I know there’s isn’t enough time left,

modern house

I don’t usually this kind of modern interiors, I think this is the second one, but the Graham house by E.Cobb Architects is utterly amazing. If not for the minimal and clean lines of the house, at least for the view… The house is practically made of glass, see what I’m talking about here.

old glamour

Don’t ask me why I’ve named this post old glamour because I don’t have an answer. This home is just gorgeous, starting with the amazing mirrors to the proportions & patterns play. Then there are the gold details, and I’m a sucker for gold, just gorgeous! nuevo estilo via thediversionproject

a new week…

…wishful thinking ladies, wishful thinking… Have a great week! Also, I tried to modify the template but no idea came to life… after that, I sent a couple of emails but apparently, no one wants to make a header and a couple of buttons, so if you want to recommend a good & affordable graphic/web designer, please do…  via striped-cherry

Guesthouse in Amsterdam

If you are planning to visit Amsterdam and don’t know where to stay, try Maison Rika, the stylish guesthouse of stylist-turned-designer Ulrika Lundgren. The three room guesthouse is located right above the Rika store in the center of Amsterdam. Love the sophisticated effect of the black floors, and the whole black & white design + the color pops. How fun is the