Now I have one more reason to envy people living in London, Le Chandelier Tea House. Located in the heart of London, this is a must visit! Though I could live on coffee, I love tea, and they have thirty four teas availble, heaven I’m telling you. The tea is the main character here but they do offer delicious pastries, wine, lunch & dinner menus. I’d probably go every week to sip tea and taste their dishes. What do you think? 

This beautiful spanish style house is the home of home of director John Pasquin and actress JoBeth Williams, and guess where is located? In Los Angeles! The house is built in 1928 by architect Gerard R. Colcord, and the couple chose interior designer Madeline Stuart to redecorate it. “We liked very much that Madeline had specific tastes but also clearly understood that we wouldn’t always use all of her suggestions,” laughs John. “We live in the world of the arts and have strong opinions. We knew what we wanted and

This beautiful Victorian house is located in Queens Park and it’s available for booking as a photographic location. Lovely, right?  I was always drawn to light interiors, they have an relaxing aura surrounding them, don’t you think so? Though, I would much love coming home to a fresh and colorful decor theme, I do prefer white. But, I’m guessing it’s difficult to mantain. What do you think? photo credit lightlocations

This post was requested by Veronique. If you love the beach like Veronique and I do, you’ll love the relaxed feeling that you have laying by the seaside, all year around. Colors are the key! The simplest way to obtain a beach look for your home is to mix shades of blue with white and soft beige, if feel like it with red too, but that’s not all. When searching for furniture, try to spot pieces from natural materials, chunky wood, distressed white painted wood or waxed pine. Paint your

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