Let’s dream a little and think we are on a dreamy balcony in Greece. Santorini, Mykonos or Athens, we can be anywhere we wish if we decorate our balcony or terrace being inspired by the beautiful Greece. Here are nine gorgeous ideas for you: 1. All about the details Make a chic Greek inspired balcony by focusing on beautiful details. Add a wooden bench instead of chairs, pick printed pillows and use cute pillows as seats for your lovely guests. Don’t forget to add candles and bottles, anything that can

Let’s think about the famous Midsummer Night’s Dream and its lovely magic and create a bohemian bedroom to remember. To help you out, we tough about eight dreamy ideas that will help you get the best sleep in a warm summer night, sleep tight: 1. A nature’s space Surround yourself with plants that will give you fresh air, a relaxing vibe and a good nigh sleep. Green plants also math perfectly a boho bedroom filled with normal and round pillows, minimal furniture made out of wood and artistic frames. 2.

Friends, family or too much guests and a small living room. Well, there is an easy solution for you – extra sitting. So, we tought about seven simple, creative and stylish solutions on how to decorate a small living room in a way that everybody can find a place to sit, check them out: 1. Use footstools as chairs If you have a classy living room with armchairs or a fancy sofa you can accessorize them with elegant footstools which you can also use to sit on. This way you

We love Shay Mitchell’s acting skill but also her fashion style and her great taste for interior design. Last year she purchased a Spanish style home in Los Angeles and decorated it in some elegant styles that cough our attention. But, the house isn’t everything, the lovely star also has a dreamy guesthouse perfectly matched with the main home.  The house From a French chic dining space, to a Californian chic living room, the glam bar and a Moroccan vibe, the actress’s home is stunning! Also her favorite room is the

The new IKEA collection inspired us in redecorating our balconies. So, we have eight ideas for you and eight items that can change the look of your balcony and also can make it more dreamy in a easy way. 1. The chic coffee table Made of natural fiber, this neutral Mastholmen table is perfect for a summer balcony gathering with your friends. Math it neutral chairs and also a cute Moroccan rug. 2. The comfy balcony sofa This folding and classy sofa from PS 2017 collection is perfect for a

Make a paradise out of your dreamy bathroom, no matter its size. Add glam details, make it all about beauty and relaxation and create a stunning space that looks like one in a top hotel. Here are nine dreamy ideas for you: 1. Add a dreamy chandelier Instead of a classic light bulb or light pendant choose a dreamy chandelier. The fancier it is, the more stunning your bathroom will become and crystals or something resembling to them are ideal for this room’s chandelier. 2. Choose vintage and glam mirrors

Summer in on so make sure you bring that vibe into your dreamy living room. Refresh this room with plans, vibrant colors and relaxed details that will make you think constantly about a well deserved vacation. Here are ten ideas to dream about: 1. Wood and neutrals Neutrals are the perfect shades for a living room. This room that always seems to get cluttered looks more organized with neutrals and also these tones are friendly and welcoming for your summer guests. Match these shades with furniture or deco items made

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