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Getting a new office and trying to make your old one a prettier and more organized space? Well, we thought that these seven new IKEA items might help you out. So, take a look: 1. Store with style This cool storage facility from the PS 2017 collection is just what you need in an eclectic or industrial home. Everything you store will look prettier and its design will personalize your office space. 2. Glam holders Make your office dreamy with practical holders in a super easy way. These Hejsan boxes have a

Make a paradise out of your dreamy bathroom, no matter its size. Add glam details, make it all about beauty and relaxation and create a stunning space that looks like one in a top hotel. Here are nine dreamy ideas for you: 1. Add a dreamy chandelier Instead of a classic light bulb or light pendant choose a dreamy chandelier. The fancier it is, the more stunning your bathroom will become and crystals or something resembling to them are ideal for this room’s chandelier. 2. Choose vintage and glam mirrors

Summer in on so make sure you bring that vibe into your dreamy living room. Refresh this room with plans, vibrant colors and relaxed details that will make you think constantly about a well deserved vacation. Here are ten ideas to dream about: 1. Wood and neutrals Neutrals are the perfect shades for a living room. This room that always seems to get cluttered looks more organized with neutrals and also these tones are friendly and welcoming for your summer guests. Match these shades with furniture or deco items made

Being obsessed this summer with Greenery, nature and plants we tough about eight relaxing spaces that will make your home look like an exotic space. Here are the top suggestions for you, so start dreaming about them! 1. Bring me to an island Add a big vase with exotic leaves on a cabinet of your home. This corner of your house will instantly capture a tropical island vibe and you can math it the best with some neutral furniture and deco items. 2. Paradise, every time she closed her eyes

We all know by now that Greenery it’s this year’s beautiful star in term of shades. Because it inspires life, nature and it’s also really fresh it’s the perfect shade for a dreamy wedding table setting. So, here are seven gorgeous ideas for your fairy tale wedding, hope you’ll love them: 1. Green and gold For an exotic, but also luxurious touch, mix greenery with gold. These two shades go really well together and they also look super cool. Pick a big green leave as the main setting and surround

Nobody enjoys a dated, listless living space. There’s no excuse for last century’s style stuff-ups to still grace your home. It’s easier than ever to give your home the modern makeover of your dreams, with the tools to pre-plan and create at your fingertips. Here are some ideas to get you going; five ways to transform your interiors, with style! Light Up My Life Lighting has the ability to warm up, cool down, and change the mood of a space instantly. It can be overt (think of a fluorescent light)

Paint your spring in pastel colors and dream about a home that looks relaxing, colorful and simply gorgeous! Pastels are the shades that make you think about the warm season and they will definitely refresh your home for spring. Check out our favorite nine interiors, painted in pastel shades: 1. Sweet pink dreams This relaxing bedroom looks great in lilac and soft pink and also with the cute pink chair and pillows. Everything about this room makes you dream and think about a quiet day at home. 2. Mid century

Dynamic and always searching for new challenges, Aries have to show their adventurous personality in their home, which has to be like their escape space from the rest of the world. Colors Because the are fire signs, they love all colors that are passionate and intense such as red and all its shades like: burgundy, ruby or scarlet red. Also, they love hot pink, orange and yellow, three powerful colors that show the best their personality. What to have You have to pick furniture that shows the idea of a

We live in an eco era in which we want to be more and more responsable to help the nature and environment. That’s why as the top shade for this year, Pantone picked ‘’Greenery’’, a beautiful and fresh shade that makes you think about nature and a beautiful forest. This shade will bring a fresh vibe into your home and it will give you the feeling of exploring new spaces. That’s why you will want to travel more, work less and escape the daily routine. Also, your home will feel

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