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Now that Christmas is over, I think everyone is ready for the cold weather to move on and for sunny Spring to come around. We’re all dreaming of warmer climates, so it’s no surprise that you’ve probably started thinking about your family holiday this year. I like to treat my little family as much as possible, and I’ll definitely be booking something for us in January when the best deals are around. However, it still means saving the pennies elsewhere is a must, as we’ll need to pick up some

Somehow, in my 26 years this is the first time I visited the Danube Delta. Being a water sign, I love to be around water in any form, seas, lakes, rivers and sometimes, even pools.  So for me, these three days spent in the Danube Delta were splendid. After a 3 hours drive from Vama Veche, spent two days there also, we arrived at Murghiol to take a 45 minute boat ride to Holbina Trei Bibani, the resort we stayed at. The weather was awful the first day, all that

Besides the runway shows and fashion collections, a lot of famous fashion designers left their mark also in hotel rooms. From interiors that reflect a great taste in art and in the print mix, to rooms that look like haute couture clothes, here are eight fashion hotels you will dream about.    1. Maison Moschino, Milan If you love Moschino and fashion you should stay for at least one day in their famous ,,Maison Moschino’’ in Milan. Located near the fashion street, Corso Como, this dreamy hotel features a brilliant mix

From castles to palaces, we all love historical places where we can stay during our trips. Here you can feel like a royalty and easily have a deluxe treatment. Therefore, we picked five dreamy accommodations that remind us of our childhood favorite fairy tales. 1. Ashford Castel, Ireland Built in 1228, Ashford Castel is one of the dreamiest ones in Ireland. This amazing place has 83 rooms and suite and also a Lakeside Cottage, all decorated with great taste and elegance. The design of this rooms is a mix between

Loving a good stay and a delicious breakfast with a dreamy view? A short escape to a B&B is all you need! You will enjoy the comfort and coziness of this kind of accommodation and also a relaxing holiday. Let’s not forget a yummy breakfast full of memories, you will not forget, so here are our suggestions: 1. AG Thomson House Bed&Breakfast, Duluh Minnesota This charming B&B looks exactly like one in a romantic movie. Here you can experience the warm small town treatment and an elegant atmosphere. You will have

Travel around the world and stay at chic boutique-hotels! This is a dream many of us have. Before you start travelling, here are ten ideas of the perfect stay in one of the most popular cities in the worlds.   1. The Milestone Hotel, London Once a Military Academy in the 19th century, The Milestone Hotel is now one of London’s fines accommodations. Each room has a dreamy artistic look and they are located near the lovely Kensington Palace and its gardens. As for the facilities, this hotel has a pool,

If you love swimming, sun bathing, a dreamy design and a bit of luxury, you have to plan your vacation around an amazing pool. To help you out I gathered ten fantastic pools from all around the world to make you dream easier about for future exotic trip 1. Kate Rocks Resort, Thailand If you love luxury you will love the Kate Rocks resort in Thailand and its amazing pool. Known to be one of the dreamiest resorts in Asia, this place has villas with private pools that face the

‘’Travel the world!’’ is the quote many of us think about all the time. But this catch phrase is great also in the deco world. As the main design for your dream home you can pick the journey theme and start planning in advance your next trip. Bon Voyage!   1. Dream desk How about making cute paintings out of posters with your favorite cities? If you love nostalgic places pair this deco items with cute flowers, or if you love an island painting match it with a cute green plant.

  From dreamy spas, to outdoor activities, the resorts are the best accommodations when you are looking for a relaxing and quiet vacation. We picked six amazing resorts from Romania that will allow you to enjoy a great view, a relaxing getaway and fun activities.  1. Atra Doftana, Doftana Valley Located in a peaceful and beautiful part of Romania, Valea Doftanei, Atra is the perfect place for a quiet and relaxing vacation with amazing surroundings. The rooms have a brilliant view of the lake and forests and in the spare

Imagine your next journey to an amazing bookstore where you will find great stories to read. To inspire you, I gathered 10 dreamy bookstores around the world that have a very creative design but also a great book selection. 1. The Carousel ‘’Carturesti Carusel’’ is an amazing library located in the old center of Bucharest, Romania, in a monumental building from the XIX century. With a dreamy white design and also looking like a carousel, this amazing bookstore has 6 floors filled with books, games, music and a coffee shop.

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