9 dreamy sofas for this fall

A home and especially a living room gravitate around a sofa, so make sure you pick a gorgeous one for your dreamy living space. Here are our nine top pick for this fall: 1. Pink panther A pink sofa goes with any kind of interior, pick one in a soft pink and a cool design for a minimal interior and

Portable Storage: The Ultimate Guide

Many of us are still clueless when it comes to moving containers, and to what extent they can be used. Portable storage offers a variety of different ways to develop and create new space for storage. When used properly, moving or PODS containers can be a true blessing. The problem is that there is not that much information out there

How to Design Your Ultimate Kitchen

The most important room in any home is the kitchen. Not only the place for food preparation, the kitchen tends to be where families congregate to learn about each other’s days, plan for the future, reconnect and more. Your kitchen also says a lot about your design styles and can give an inviting feel to your property straightaway. If you’re

5 ways to make your original sash windows more energy efficient

If you’re the proud owner of a Georgian, Victorian or Edwardian property, you will know that sash windows are an important original feature of the building. And while no passionate defender of period architecture would condone having these windows taken out, there’s no denying that they can be draughty. It’s the precarious combination of old age, the presence of hollow