When it comes to the world of interiors there’s one trend that has taken 2017 by storm and it’s even more relevant now that the summer months are coming to an end. This trend is known as Hygge. Pronounced “hue-ga”, it is a Danish trend that brings the concept of togetherness and cosiness into your home; think candles and fluffy

7 dreamy tricks on how to create a cozy space

Summer or winter, there is no season in which a cozy vibe can miss from ones home. It’s inviting for guests and makes you feel homier, so follow these seven dreamy tricks on how to make your home even cosier than before: 1. Mix & match textures The game of textures is essential for a cozy room. Add knitted covers, fluffy

Best Countries for Green Living

Green technologies are slowly taking over the energy sector within many of the world’s most prominent nations, but there is still a long way to go before the world reaches the dream of 100 percent renewable energy. The idea behind these green energy sources is to provide the same level of power availability that can be achieved with fossil fuels