3 Easy Ways to Upgrade to a Smart Home

Smart home technology is on track to become standard among American homeowners. The number of U.S. households with home automation devices grew from 10 percent in 2016 to 15 percent in 2017, according to The NPD Group. The popularity of smart speakers such as Amazon Echo and Google Home is fueling this growth, encouraging home owners to invest in connected smart home

The 5 Best Plants for Your Bathroom

If you are looking to spruce up your bathroom, adding a few decorations and plants can help bring your bathroom to life. Here are just five of the best plants for your bathroom. Aloe Vera If you are looking for a plant that is full of minerals and vitamins, purchasing an aloe vera plant may be the right plant for

Top Tips For Moving House

We’re all prone to forgetting things from time to time and with the excitement of a house move, this can happen more frequently. With so many things to consider, the small things sometimes get pushed to the side and quite often forgotten about until they present an urgent need. The little things can sometimes create significant problems when you move