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Ionela works as a traffic manager for some of the most important magazines in town, but besides her working skills, she has an excellent taste in home decor. Her new home is just dreamy and has a Scandinavian vibe in the living room and kitchen, white her bedrooms bring a modern shabby twist into her lovely house. Every detail is eye catching and we love every light fixtures she has chosen, especially the rose gold statement piece one that shows how important are these deco items for a space. Each room

A couple of weeks ago, actually two weeks ago, I got an invite from the lovely Irina Neacsu to attend one of her weekend workshops, a linocut and textile printing. Did I ever tell you that I have two left hands? I think I did! I actually bought some stuff to do a couple of Christmas DIYs for my youtube channel and never managed to start them, ha! Moving on! Irina Neacsu‘s studio in Bucharest which she shares with Madalina Andronic, is an absolute delight for the eyes and soul,

Cristina Negru, the young & talented designer from La Mode Toujours recently moved her showroom in a new dreamy space. She decided to go for french contemporary that suited the  old villa Bucharest where now La Mode Toujours resides. MooRA Design Inc. was in charge of the design and managed to create a dreamy space, marked by golden accents and filled with lots of green plants. The golden racks are every girls dream and they make Cristina’s beautiful designs to shine even more. The marble details are simply gorgeous and let’s not forget the

In Bucharest started snowing today, which is slightly odd for this period, and I remembered that I have saved this dreamy apartment just a couple of blocks aways from where I live. You know that I’m super happy when I see beautiful Romanian homes and I discovered this one on one of my fav ro decor blogs,  This 90mp space is the home of a young family that didn’t quite agree on the decorations and hired architect Oana Boghiu from JoinDecoDesign  to help them. They just wanted a modern, cozy and colorful

Well, it’s actually the new showroom of RO designer, Corina Vladescu. The fresh space ended up in my inbox yesterday right before Silvia forwarded me the same email saying how cool is this. Of course, we had to feature it because we love ro gems like these. First time I visited Corina Vladescu’s showroom was back in 2010, DailyDreamDecor didn’t exist then, and I remember that I’ve fallen in love with a silver skull,  found a picture with it, here. The mix of colors, prints & textures is awesome.

Another beauty from Bucharest! Be sure to check out our first Home Tour here on DailyDreamDecor. This one comes from Atelierul de Idei, posted another project from them here, and it’s a cozy small studio in a new residential complex. I’m particularly fond of the kitchen, which is a bit different of what we normally see, and the printed pillows and chair in the living area. I think they bring a fresh touch to the space. When going for neutral colour schemes but want a bit of colour in your

A couple of weeks ago we visited Sinziana’s dreamy apartment in Bucharest, me & Irina that is.  You already know Sinziana and her awesome blog Project Fairytale but you’ll read more about her in this post. S and her boyfriend recently moved in this new place, in a busy & popular area in Bucharest, and  they redecorated it together. The one bedroom apartment is full of vintage finds, heirlooms, DIY projects but also custom made furniture & Ikea pieces. See for yourself! Tell us a bit about yourself. What do you do? What does a

We, at DailyDreamDecor, think you should visit Romania very soon. Besides being a beautiful country with lots of gorgeous landscapes and with a lot of history there are a lot of dreamy places you can stay at To help you out, we selected the prettiest hotels and apartments from the major cities of Romania that will make you dream about travelling and of course, visit us. Sarroglia Hotel, Bucharest Located near the center of Bucharest, this pretty hotel has dreamy hallway that will make you want to stay a lot in

My heart fills with you joy when I see such dreamy places in Romania. This small studio is located in Iasi and it’s the work of young ro team, Imbold Design. The girls had the chance to design and oversee the entire decoration of the apartment, from the floors to the tiles and the deco pieces, as they took the project right after the construction phase. The owner wanted a modern and fresh space but on a limited budget because she wanted to rent it on airbnb. The Imbold Design

Super excited about this post because this is our first video, iaai! Milestone, iaai! More to come, iaai. Excitement over, now let me tell you a bit about a dreamy night spent at Kika. If you are reading from ro, you know about Kika. If not, Kika is a furniture and decor store here, a big one for that matter and they organized a sleepover for us to test their awesome mattresses. Before the mattresses, I want to point out the Kika is full of dreamy wonders. From gorgeous chairs

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