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Designing and building the perfect patio will improve the visual aesthetics and value of your home. Are you tired of the bland, boring backyard that you stare out into every day? Wouldn’t it be great to start every morning on the patio, sipping some coffee while you watch the summer sunrise? If you are an experienced DIY enthusiast, building your own patio can be an incredibly rewarding experience. There is no feeling quite like sitting on your own hand-made patio, sipping cocktails with your friends as you watch an epic

Are you sick and tired of the same boring backyard that you have always had? Or are you someone who has a large backyard space that is empty and underutilised? Backyards are often neglected, and what a shame that is. A well designed, well thought out backyard can be the center of your home – think backyard barbecues, birthday parties or just an afternoon chill out session on a lackadaisical spring day. All it takes is a little planning and you’re set to go. Don’t know where to start? Well,

Get your balcony ready for summer by creating a dreamy scenario that looks like the perfect outdoor space for you. Bring nature indoors, add a little bit of magic and make the balcony space the ultimate place to be this summer: 1. Boho mood Add a relaxing chair in your balcony inspired by the ’70 and surround yourself with beautiful flowers and plants. This balcony has a great retro vibe that suggests a quality and relaxing time just for you. 2. Tropical times Add cool flamingo in your dreamy balcony

Your back yard is essentially another room to your house albeit an outdoor one. It is a great place to socialise, relax or simply kick back and enjoy the sun. Even if you don’t have your yard the way you want it, with a little imagination and some work you can transform it into an area of tranquillity and elegance that complements your home. One of the most effective ways of doing this is by adding a water feature.  But before you choose one, here are a few things you

We’ve talked about a lot of interior designs here on Dream Décor. There are plenty of design inspirations and dream decors to choose from. There is also no shortage of styles or themes to go for. You can use available light, different elements and functional furniture to create different interior looks just as effectively. In this article, we are going to shift our attention to something outside the rooms we’re decorating: the view out the windows. It is always good to have large windows letting plenty of natural light in,

The path leading to your home may be doing more than you think. Creating a stylish home isn’t just about the interior. Paying attention to the outside of your property is equally important. Ramping up the curb appeal of your property will add value to your home, and according to the ancient Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui, it can also attract positive energy into your living space. What is Feng Shui? We all understand and appreciate the benefits of a comfortable and an aesthetically pleasing living environment. Feng Shui (pronounced

Get Laid Beds of Leicester have recently launched a brand new outdoor bed frame collection. These are a range of contemporary bed frames that are fully fit for outdoor use and are handmade in Britain. With a range of stunning designs, including the grand four poster bed design (as seen above), we think the outdoor collection will be a big hit for those looking to relax in their garden and enjoy the last of the summer warmth. The outdoor bed collection is great for any outdoor area such as beside a pool, beach or in the back of your garden. It offers a great contemporary seating and relaxation area, without the worry of it deteriorating as the treated Solid Sapele Hardwood provides weather and damage resistances, including UV and saline/chlorine. Get Laid Beds boast the longevity of the beds, and have guaranteed it for 2 years to show confidence in its design. 1. The Outdoor Four Poster Canopy Bed This weatherproof bed frame takes inspiration from their other beautiful indoor four poster beds, offering the same iconic style, while being resistant to the harsh elements of the outdoors. The premium bed frame is a luxurious way to enjoy the freshsummer air while relaxing in comfort. It’s carefully handmade to order to ensure a high quality, long lasting bed frame. 2. Stunning Outdoor Daybed Other designs include their Outdoor Modern Day Bed. Like their four poster, this is fully weatherproof and provides the perfect solution to a day of relaxing outdoors. It serves a dual purpose, being both the ideal place to lie back in the sun, as well as offering a comfortable outdoor seating solution. 3. Outdoor Low Bed Get Laid Beds also offer one of their low beds as part of the outdoor bed collection. The Outdoor Low Bed sits close to the ground and would provide the perfect way to relax close to the sand of a beautiful sunny beach. The comfort offered is far superior to that of a standard sun bed, and the design offers an incredible aesthetic look too. British Designed Weatherproof Mattress To go with their outdoor bed collection, Get Laid Beds also offer a fully weatherproof mattress. It’s a brand new and innovative design that has been designed to offer the comfort levels of an indoor mattress, while remaining robust for the outdoor conditions. The fabric covering is also durable, and is stain resistant for a long lasting mattress. This is a completely exclusive product to Get Laid Beds and will not be found elsewhere. If you’re interested in the outdoor bed collection, you can find more information about it on the Get Laid Beds website ­­beds

If you love swimming, sun bathing, a dreamy design and a bit of luxury, you have to plan your vacation around an amazing pool. To help you out I gathered ten fantastic pools from all around the world to make you dream easier about for future exotic trip 1. Kate Rocks Resort, Thailand If you love luxury you will love the Kate Rocks resort in Thailand and its amazing pool. Known to be one of the dreamiest resorts in Asia, this place has villas with private pools that face the

If you are a fan of ‘’Alice in Wonderland’’ you will love to walk or get lost in an enchanted garden that will surprise you with beautiful and rare flowers and plants. Therefore, I put together a list of 7 gardens from around the world that will make you dream about their beauty and also add them to your next vacation list: 1. Lotusland, California Located in Santa Barbara, Lotusland is an enchanting garden filled with exotic plants, especially cactuses. This garden has thirty-seven acres or plants and most of them are

If you are not planning to go on a vacation too soon but you have a spacious garden why not make a lovely pool in your backyard. A home with a pool is the perfect place for gatherings and parties and it will also make your home feel like an exotic resort! So, here are eight dreamy ideas for your living space: 1. Round&round This amazing pool is perfect for a big and traditional garden. Here you can have a party by the pool of relax in the Jacuzzi next

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