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IKEA has launched three bold collections that show their public they can also approach a very daring design. The first one is IKEA ART EVENT 2016 a collection of 11 art posters made by 11 contemporany artists. In this way IKEA will become for a short period of time an accesible art gallery opened for everybody. So, check out here all the posters. The second lauch is GILTIG, a collection full of bold colors and funky prints. For this collection, IKEA collaborated with the British designer for men fashion Katie Eary

I’m super happy and excited to present you the new DailyDreamDecor, will be 5 this year and change was much needed.   I wanted to do this for about an year but because various reasons I postponed it, you know like those pesky updated. just this one isn’t pesky. I really love the new site design, there a couple of issues that we still have to resolve, but I couldn’t have waited more. What’s new? the comment section, now it’s easier to leave comments and I can reply directly to

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