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Monday is the day we need constant motivation and it’s also that not so kind reminder that the weekend is over and we definitely have to start work. But, if you make your home or work office looking really good, your work flow will grow and you will feel more motivated. Here are some tricks and some office space ideas: 1. Pink mood Powder pink is a great shade for a feminine office and will also bring a happy and optimistic vibe into this interior. As a trick you can

Do you work from home, perhaps using the small space under the stairs as your office space? It’s not ideal, as it’s probably dimly-lit, a bit cramped and not very inspiring, not to mention too close to the kitchen where noise, food smells and distractions beckon. Perhaps it’s time to refurbish the upstairs guest bedroom and turn it into an office? Just think of the peace and quiet, not to mention the space you could have. Here, Dakota Murphey an independent content writer working alongside Kent-based kitchen specialist David Haugh,

There are some colors that make you more efficient at work and others that make you more motivated or more happy. We analyzed the new Pantone colors for 2017 and picked the top five ones you should really pick for your office space. Blue – Is the most productive color of all and this year Pantene suggest three kinds of blue that you can pick for your dreamy home. ”Niagara’’ is a calm blue that remind you of the sky and ”Lapis blue’’ is a darker tone that will make

In order to make the best possible impression when clients visit your offices, your reception area needs to be carefully planned. It should, in some way, be representative of your business, feel warm and welcoming. Ideally, it should also have that little something, or je ne sais quoi, in terms of interior design, décor and furniture. You really do only get one chance to make that all-important impact. So the positioning of your reception desk, the choice of furniture and wall hangings, the colour of the walls, the flooring and

We live in a day and age when most people don’t think they really need a study and do any work they do from how from bed with their laptops, in the living room or on a desk in their bedroom. Additionally, many wouldn’t really want to dedicate a whole room to be their study or just don’t have the room to spare. Still, if you have the space and the need, a study can be one of the most pleasant in useful rooms in a house or an apartment

If you are planning to redesign your working area go for a minimal office space. It’s more practical, you save a lot of space and in the end the whole room looks fantastic! Here are ten dreamy ideas for a minimal office space: 1. Pastel game If you love fashion and your clothes need a lot of storage space, pick a small minimal desk with high shelves. It’s enough for your laptop, books, magazines and some cute deco items like vases, candles or frames. 2. Brown details If you have

The first time I’ve heard of Adore Me was about 4 years ago, when they were starting out and my best childhood friend got a job there. I thought it was quite cool, at 22 having a job for a US company working from home. Plus, lingerie, ok? Fast forward to today, they have a huge office location with about 60 people working in a beautiful renovated old Bucharest house. We do have some exquisite old houses here. Well, I’ve later found out the company is half RO / half US

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