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Every sign has his little obsessions and they are shown also in the design world. So, from sign to sign we will analyze the top essentials every zodiac sign should have in its home – from objects to deco ideas – and we will start with the Cancer sign. Let’s start dreaming! Romantic and sentimental, Cancers are obsessed with the past, but also with objects that have a sentimental value. So, make sure you gather on a wall or two a lot of memories of favorite photos or art pieces

It’s vacation season and what better way to remind you it’s time to take a break from work than a dreamy bedroom inspired by the sea and the ocean. Something calm, something gorgeous and something blue are the key elements that will make you wish for a bedroom like these ones. Here are nine dreamy ideas for you: 1. Let’s go to the sea Pick a wooden headboard for your bed and on top of it add beautiful pictures that show the sea or the waves or just anything that

There are so many things that can make a home beautiful, that we will need a week just to mention them. But, it’s the little things that can really spice up a place and make it gorgeous, so today we thought about ten items you need for your home to make it splendid: 1. Add a bar cart Stylish and very practical, a bar cart is an essential element that helps you entertain your guests and also have a trendy home. Purchase a golden cart and accessorize it with glam

Any apartment, even if is tiny, can be fabulous! So, if you are looking thinking to change homes, is better to redecorate, rather than to move. All it takes is carefully picked details that can transform any room into a glamorous one. Here are six easy tricks on how to make your dreamy home more glam than ever: 1. The wow deco item Any deco item that looks unique and has that wow factor can easily transform a room into a glam one. Pick a cool and original coffee table or

Looking for some new IKEA inspiration? Well, we thought we may help you out in finding the perfect items for your living room. Starting from sofaa and moving on to rugs and lighting pieces, here are ten dreamy ideas for you: 1. The happy couch If you’re looking for a pop of color in a neutral home, this Vimle sofa is the perfect item for you. Comfy and with an optimistic color, this sofa will definitely cheer up your living space. 2. The cool storage This Fjalbbo masculine storage solution is

Finally! May and June were a bit slow due to many travels and some technical details (yes, my beloved laptop crashing), but here we are with my fav spaces featured on DDD’s inspiration station this week. I’m almost done with the redecorating the new place, well, done is a long stretch, more like content with how it looks at this point. Got two beautiful botanical watercolor illustrations over the weekend and they completely changed the living room.  You can check out a little preview over here and don’t forget to

In the hot season we can easily refresh our home by adding splendid framed pictures inspired by summer to make the perfect gallery wall. We picked ten dreamy art works, photos & prints that make you dream about this beautiful season and that also help you have it in your homes: 1. Dream of a place to escape This Mountain road art by Kevin Russ is perfect for a boho or a Californian home to hang on your bedroom or living room and dream about a perfect place to escape

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