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The kitchen is the central part to any home. Not only is it the place where all the cooking gets done, but it’s also the area of the home that brings families together. And with today’s modern technology, kitchens are being revolutionized, making them more efficient and easier to manage. The following products are changing how we prepare and consume food—all for the better.    Rotimatic Let’s face it, for today’s working professionals; it’s hard to find the time and energy to prepare a meal every night. The Rotimatic facilitates

This summer we are so much in love with the boho chic decor that we want to show you eight reasons why this style is so perfect for this warm season. Relaxed and full of creativity we are sure that many of you will fall in love with this cool style: 1. It can be mixed and matched any kind of decor From eclectic to Scandinavian style, boho chic is one of the easiest styles to mix and match. This season, mix it with the cool eclectic looks or the

The upholstered headboard has been in and out of fashion since the 17th century. Right now the upholstered headboard is bang on trend. And it’s the perfect piece of furniture to bring a real sense of elegance, style and wow-factor into the bedroom. We’ve put together a guide on how to choose the perfect headboard for your bed. For everything there is to know about the humble upholstered headboard, read on. Choosing the right headboard for your bed There are 5 important factors to consider when choosing an upholstered headboard.

My two greatest loves in life are cooking and home decorating, so the ability to indulge my passion in a kitchen that looks and functions beautifully is a true blessing. The food that we cook and the physical environments that we create for ourselves are both such personal, organic experiences that say so much about who we are. The essential beauty of decorating a kitchen is that it blends aesthetics with practicality, so that not only can we create a space that looks stunning but will also help us to

Minimal spaces are very loved right now  and these nine minimal modern spaces that just take your breath away. Easy to achieve  in terms of arrangement and the amount of furniture you need,  this spaces would look great in any kind of home. 1. The Lounge Well this is an amazing modern scenario of how some minimal items can really look amazing. Pick a relaxing and fancy chair, a modern coffee table and, then, create your own oasis adding an oversized green plant and some dreamy deco items. 2. Let’s dine!

Let’s change the bedroom a little bit and add some cool factors that can transform this room into the dreamy and relaxing space you need. Here are eight Ikea stylish solutions: 1. The dreamy mirror This gorgeous Nissedal mirror has a classy frame that will bring style into your bedroom. It’s practical and easy to place next to your bedroom and it fits any kind of room decor. 2. Calm, fine lines This silky Blarips cover and pillow set will bring a calm vibe into your bedroom. Plus, stripes are really

Summer is just around the corner, and now is the perfect time to get your home ready to enjoy the longer hours of sunshine and warmer climates. From getting the most out of the natural light to having a cool, comfortable sleep, there are a number of changes that you can make in the next few weeks to get your bedroom ready for summer. Bedding for a comfortable night’s sleep Perhaps most importantly is getting the right bedding set up to ensure you have a cool and comfortable sleep. If

In all its beautiful shades, green is the most popular color for this year. But, when it comes to elegance and class, emerald green has the beauty you need for this kind of interior. It was difficult to decide, but we picked our favorite emerald green interiors and we choose some cool and green shopping suggestions. Here they are: 1. The fancy bedroom Pick a green velvet headboard for your dreamy bedroom and your home will be according to this spring’s trends. Pair it with golden elements and a great

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