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The leather furniture is considered to be the high-quality product. The quality levels of leather furniture vary from one piece to another. It is very important to understand the quality of the leather. To have the best quality of the leather, you should compare the quality of the leather with other leather product. Generally, people think the vintage sofa is the sofa that provides the best fabric.  But the vintage sofa is not always a good option because they provide soft and matte colour with less shine and sometimes it

If you are searching for the dreamiest color trio, pink, white and grey is the ultimate color combo! White and grey are neutral, classy and versatile, while pink brings a modern touch and a dose femininity to a space you will fall in love with. Here are nine interiors in this popular color combo: 1. Cool day A cool artwork is all you need to make your wall dreamy. Match it with the pillows on the sofa and all the trendy objects on the coffee table and you will have

The velvet sofas are really cool right now and we absolutely love them! They are classy and perfect for a retro inspired room, but they’re also chic and fit in a minimalistic room. Also, they come in great colors which you will love and can become the jewel of your home. So, here are nine gorgeous velvet sofas you will simply adore:   1. Ocean blue This ocean blue velvet sofa can match perfectly a room decorated in black and white. It represents that classy color accent you need to

If you are planning to decorate your living room you must have at least one of these 10 cool items we will suggest for your dreamy home. Every item is really trendy right now and will make you fall in love with your contemporary living room. Check them out: 1. A great art piece A statement painting can change the whole look of your living room. It will make it more luxurious and unique. Pick an abstract painting, a collectible or just one made by a modern artist. You will

Instagram is one of the best sources for home design ideas so I searched for the coolest 10 Insta accounts that will inspire you. These account are perfect, they show great taste and cool or creative suggestions so be sure to follow them for new deco ideas and @dailydreamdecor too: 1. The Design Chaser @thedesignchaser The blogger, writer and stylist Michelle Halford has an impeccable Instagram account full white monochromatic and minimal design home deco ideas. The photos she adds show a simple and cool design, perfect for all the minimalistic or

Winter is truly unpleasant if your home is cold. You can’t sit and watch the TV if chilly drafts are blowing under the door or there is ice on the inside of your windows. Installing an efficient modern central heating system is the best way to beat the cold, but if your boiler is old or you can’t afford to have the heating on 24/7, here are a few ways to make sure your living room is as cozy as possible. Block the Drafts Drafts are a nightmare during a

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