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Once upon a time there was shabby chic, now there’s industrial chic. It’s an eclectic style based on a fusion of masculine (‘industrial’) and feminine (‘chic’) design elements that’s very popular at the moment and works particularly well in kitchen spaces. With many homeowners tired of the pristine, polished and uber perfect look of modern postwar kitchens, industrial chic offers a refreshing and honest alternative approach. The industrial style is based on the beauty and function of aged, utilitarian design pieces. Materials tend to centre around old wood and worn

Because we often look for inspiration  and we also love going to French style bistros and coffee shops, this year  kitchens started to get a French bistro look. And we definitely love it! Imagine sitting at home and pretending you’re in a fancy coffee place in Paris and you get to decorate it exactly as you wish. Sounds great right? Well, here are seven tricks for you in creating the perfect French bistro lookalike kitchen: 1. Add French bistro chairs of barstools Made from rattan and in two dreamy colors, French

Are you renovating your kitchen with a new worktop? It’s a great way to spruce up the kitchen and add value to your home. There are so many different choices available to you for your new kitchen counter. Depending on your budget, you could select from the finest materials such as granite and quartz, or if you are looking for something cheaper, then a veneered counter surface will look good in your kitchen as well. Still on the fence as to what worktops will look best in your kitchen? Let

It’s often that we see a super small kitchen in an apartment, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be dreamy. So don’t panic, not even a bit, there are a lot of great and easy solutions that can give the illusion of space in this room. So, we gathered up nine dreamy tricks that will make your tiny kitchen seem bigger: 1. Choose a fold-down table – Needles to say this is the best idea for a really tiny kitchen in which you can really use an extra space. Use

The new kitchens change a lot really fast and they seem to get dreamier and dreamier. So to help you out create the perfect space, we talk about seven new gorgeous kitchen trends. Here they are: 1. Shabby hoods The kitchen hood now represents the star of this dreamy space. Made out of copper, steel or wood, these cute hoods can change the entire look of your kitchen from modern, to vintage, to a farmhouse vibe or an eclectic space. 2. The dreamy windows A kitchen full of light where

Do you love cooking and having a big kitchen. Well, seems like you are just the kind of person that really needs a pantry in its dreamy home. So,we picked out eight splendid pantries that are really well-organized and we hope they will inspire you in creating the perfect space for your kitchen: 1. The kitchen pantry If you want to have everything well set and put together in your kitchen why not add every utility you need in a pantry. This way you will have everything you want and

You might think some of the wistful wooden kitchen designs might be bit tricky to turn contemporary – but think again. Whilst some of the newer more modern materials available such as plastic and polymer mean that kitchen designs can be more clean and sheik, or stone surfaces such as granite can offer a more durable (and striking) solution, the warmth, depth and atmosphere wood can bring to your kitchen makes it a beautiful choice, even in the modern day. Using wood in your design can make your kitchen cosy

Easter is the perfect excuse to make your home more chic than ever and to help you out make is all inspiring and dreamy we picked eight table setting ideas, inspired by the well-know and refined Parisian style. We love them all and we hope you will find the perfect one for this dreamy holiday: 1. Peonies crush Paint the Easter eggs in the beautiful colors of peonies and also with a touch of gold and match them with an elegant table filled with flowers, golden candlesticks and eating utensils.

Feeling comfortable in our own home is something that everyone should focus on. It is important to make a house a home, and a part of that involves making modifications that can help bring the place more in tune with your desires and needs. This is the reason for which many people decide to remodel their kitchens. However, most people that come to this decision encounter obstacles and challenges along the way or in the aftermath that could have been easily avoided.  Preparing beforehand with proper information will have you

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