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Whether you have a huge living room, a space shaped in a ,,L” form, a room you just want to fill in with something stylish or a lot of friends, a sectional sofa is just the thing for you! Chic, practical and an entertaining item, here are ten styling tips for this dreamy sofa: 1. Minimal mood If you are looking for a minimal living room, this is the perfect one. Styled in soft and calm colors and with plenty of space for your guests, this room is super dreamy! Pair the

Getting a new office and trying to make your old one a prettier and more organized space? Well, we thought that these seven new IKEA items might help you out. So, take a look: 1. Store with style This cool storage facility from the PS 2017 collection is just what you need in an eclectic or industrial home. Everything you store will look prettier and its design will personalize your office space. 2. Glam holders Make your office dreamy with practical holders in a super easy way. These Hejsan boxes have a

If you have recently decided to remodel your kitchen, there are several tips that could help you with the process. Your main focus may be to reinvent this room in your home, making it more welcoming and inviting for everyone who lives in the home or visits from time to time. If you want to make sure the latest design is better than the current one, there are some steps you should follow. Come Up With a Design Plan The design plan is important because it gives you an idea

After so much work, especially durings summer,  you need to think about a good vacation and a lot of relaxing moments at home. That’s why you need to find that perfect corner for a dreamy nook. From a swing, to comfy chairs, big pillows or a bench, it’s easy to create the perfect dreamy nook. Here are ten amazing nook ideas: 1. Swing away If you love patterns and you want to easily make a nook in your home, you can choose this type of easy model. You can learn how

We love dreamy furniture and deco items, so we tend to make our home more cluttered than needed. But, yes there is a but, we don’t actually need that much furniture or that many items. So, here is a list of eight items you don’t necessarily need in your home, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t dreamy or that we don’t love them anymore: 1. A bathroom stool Yes, it looks really pretty, but do you really need a bathroom stool knowing that you also have a bathroom cabinet. Well, it’s one

Decor trends never stop changing. Regardless of what your bathroom currently looks like, there is almost certainly something that can be done to improve its general aesthetic. While minimalist design has been in for some time now, it’s starting to give way to more bold and eccentric style trends. These are 5 easy small bathroom design ideas that you should think about enacting in the very near future. Intricate Tiles From patterned tiles, to mismatched tiles, to colorful tiles, and more, intricate tile designs are becoming increasingly more popular as

This year may be half way through but there is always time to give your bathroom or kitchen a little spruce up with some new tiles. Tiles are essentially the blank canvas that let you build the entire design scheme that you want. From some more classic looks to a few that are a bit more out there, these top tile trends will be sure to give you home envy. Hexagon Step away from those typical squares and rectangles and branch out in to something a little different. This year

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