How Often Should You Re-Decorate?

The term “redecorating” carries different meaning for different people. Some people get excited just hearing the word, while others cringe and practically break out in hives at the mere mention. Not all of us have the redecorating gene but everyone benefits from it, as giving your favorite spaces a dreamy, new look is simply good for the soul. Whether you’re

6 Dreamy gold and green interiors that will make your home looking like a luxurious savanna

Green, the beautiful color that always makes us think of nature and gold that chic and luxurious touch that makes a perfect pair with the fancy green. This season choose this combo for your home and, along with other elements, like animal prints, pictures with wild animals and a lot of oversized plants, transform your dreamy home into a luxurious

DIY Landscaping: How to Choose the Right Type and Quantity of Outdoor Lighting

As if it wasn’t difficult enough to get a DIY landscaping project underway; many homeowners are learning about new concepts in outdoor lighting. If you are considering completing a landscape lighting project in your yard, you’ll have choose the type of outdoor lights you want to use and where to place them. However, due to the modern lighting industry, homeowners