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If you’ve just bought a new home, or you’re changing rentals, congratulations! A new house is a wonderful opportunity to change up your decor, and swap out old, tired furniture for exciting new pieces. Before you jump into your redesign, however, there’s a few housekeeping must-dos. Hold on to that list of new paints, wallpapers and kitchen fittings and make sure you complete these all-important tasks. First, make sure you change the locks. You don’t know how many previous tenants or owners may have a key to the current lock,

I finally got a new laptop, slightly finished with the moving and redecorating, so lots of dreamy interiors are coming. Maybe some videos too, wink, wink. If you wanna see something in particular do let me know. Moving on to today’s beautiful interior, it’s a small formerly open space studio that was transformed using a simple glass wall to create a bit of intimacy. Still, the thing that caught my eye is actually that amazing kitchen, just look at the pattern, so dreamy! via

May was for discovering new things, like Istanbul and its Home Textile Fair, Evteks where I got to check out the new trends in home fabrics & more. This destination has its unique charm, you must visit Istanbul at least once in your lifetime,  my favourite part was, of course, the old city one , but that’s for another pretty post. For now, I will get back to Evteks. I saw a lot of  unique prints and quality textile that impressed me at Evteks, so lets get started. Speaking about trends, as in many home

Is your home a healthy and safe place to live? Many homeowners are unaware of the potential dangers and risks that are present in their homes. However, once you focus on making your home a healthier and safer place, you will start to notice the many ways you can improve your current situation. Below are some of the main ways you can make your home a healthier and safer place to live. Keep All Appliances and Domestic Systems Well Maintained A modern home uses a wide range of appliances and

This always changing sign has a lot of ideas in its mind, so that’s why an eclectic style will characterize the best the dual Gemini. Here are the things you can pick for your home if you’re a Gemini: Colors The stranger a color is, the more likely it will be to be found on a Gemini home. From the crazy orange to hot pink or sunny yellow, Gemini love to be different and bold also when it comes to decor. Also, they love colorful and creative print, so don’t

Once upon a time there was shabby chic, now there’s industrial chic. It’s an eclectic style based on a fusion of masculine (‘industrial’) and feminine (‘chic’) design elements that’s very popular at the moment and works particularly well in kitchen spaces. With many homeowners tired of the pristine, polished and uber perfect look of modern postwar kitchens, industrial chic offers a refreshing and honest alternative approach. The industrial style is based on the beauty and function of aged, utilitarian design pieces. Materials tend to centre around old wood and worn

Many people get scared or freaked out they hear neon colours and decor in the same sentence and sometimes that’s understandable! But, using a touch of crazy neon colour never hurt anybody, in this post you will see how you can use these cool colors. Here are eight dreamy examples where neon shade are not too much, ok, used in small doses and paired with the right neutrals: 1. The happy office Make your day to day office happier than ever by adding a neon chair next to a neutral desk. But that’s

This week, chance made it somehow to rent an apartment! Yes, yes, an awesome one, but it needs more dreamy details here and there. So, I’ve been doing, lists, spreadsheets and browsing, lots of browsing, especially on Ikea. It’s a budget redecoration, so the top shops I’m gonna hit is Ikea, Zara Home and H&M home. The whole place it’s a mix of minimal ( well, that might change) with Scandinavian and a couple of modern pieces. Some things, I can’t change so I need to work around them. Anyways, will

Let’s dream a little and think we are on a dreamy balcony in Greece. Santorini, Mykonos or Athens, we can be anywhere we wish if we decorate our balcony or terrace being inspired by the beautiful Greece. Here are nine gorgeous ideas for you: 1. All about the details Make a chic Greek inspired balcony by focusing on beautiful details. Add a wooden bench instead of chairs, pick printed pillows and use cute pillows as seats for your lovely guests. Don’t forget to add candles and bottles, anything that can

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