4 Exotic Ways to Style Your Windows

Traveling is all the rage nowadays, with many travel bloggers and instagrammers showering us with images of breath-taking landscapes and impossibly exotic scenes. For many people, these images are used as inspiration for our day-to-day life. Nowadays it is unnecessary to set foot outside your country in order to decorate as if you were living in the shadow of the

Taking Care of Your Internal Doors

Your doors get a tougher time than you might imagine through the rigours of day to day life. And while checking, repainting and varnishing your external doors is a common part of household maintenance, the internal ones often get forgotten. However, just because they are not exposed to the weather, they still have to put up with everyday knocks, scrapes

5 Easy Small Bathroom Designs

Decor trends never stop changing. Regardless of what your bathroom currently looks like, there is almost certainly something that can be done to improve its general aesthetic. While minimalist design has been in for some time now, it’s starting to give way to more bold and eccentric style trends. These are 5 easy small bathroom design ideas that you should