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Easter is almost here so you have to prepare the dinner or lunch menu for your lovely guests. Because we are big sweets fans we will start with ten ideas of dreamy deserts for Easter. Hope you’ll like them, have fun cooking! 1. Easter egg cookie dough truffles These colorful eggs are actually sweets you can make for Easter. So cool, right? If you like how they look, learn the recipe here. 2. Dirt cake This adorable cake is perfect for the Oreo fans and will represent the perfect desert

With more and more people making the kitchen the hub of their home, throwing a dinner party isn’t just about showing off culinary skills with pricey ingredients. Getting creative and causing a stir with humble ingredients is a kooky trend. The cauliflower, we have to admit, perhaps isn’t an ingredient you would naturally think of in your dinner party repertoire. In all honesty, it’s a last-minute reserve for the unexpected vegetarian guest. No-one can argue against the fact that overcooked cauliflower in a plastic looking processed cheese sauce is a

It’s time to plan your Thanksgiving dinner and because this is a holiday that focuses a lot on delicious and good looking food, we found ten recipes you will dream about. They are yummy and cool and also great surprise for your guests: 1.Cranberry Asiago Turkey Sliders This is a great appetizer for the special holiday of Thanksgiving. It’s also cool and very modern and everybody will love it. You can find the recipe here, so go ahead and learn it! 2. Parmesan Roasted Carrots If you are a veggie fan

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