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Something different for today, a gorgeous and absolutely dreamy nail bar in Raleigh, NC. If you live in the area you should definitely check out PaintBar, yes, yes, to do your nails and enjoy the ahhmazing design. Blush & gold tones,  feminine decor and lush velvety fabrics, what not to love? Besides totally transforming the vanilla industrial box into this delicious space, MA Allen Interiors,  design custom pedicure stations. Really, how cool is that?   via ruemag

When Brad Shulz, Vice President of Bergman and Walls Associates said back in 2012 that casinos will have more of a lounge theme, and gamers are going to be able to play games on their mobile devices in much more intimate surroundings, it was a prophecy that would not take long to come to fruition. For many years, casinos followed the traditional, Bill Friedman-inspired “gaming” design where bright lights, low ceilings, light décor, walls without clock and a mazy layout that always led you back to the gaming areas were

After four dreamy and absolutely fun days in Istanbul, I’m back with full of stories, discoveries and lots of photos. As you may or may not know, Istanbul was on my travel list for a couple while and as I’m continuing to learn that things do happen, one way or another, the Evteks Home Textiles Exhibition not only gave me the chance to discover a bunch of dreamy brands, that I wasn’t aware of, but to fall in love with the city and it’s one of a kind vibe also. Enough

If you are a coffee and an architecture lover, these dreamy places will amaze you! We looked around the world to find beautiful coffee shops that will give you an instant wish to travel more and enjoy a delicious cup of well made coffee in a faraway place. Zmianatematu by xm3 – Lodz, Poland Located on the center of the town, this coffee shop is very original and dreamy! Because the cities name actually means a boat, the architects wanted to create a space very similar to a ship, to

How thoughtful paint selections and simple furnishings are often more than enough to infuse charm and character to any space? Just look at Hotel Henriette Paris, so dreamy!

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