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 Duvet covers serve both a practical function and a style component for your bedroom. If you are shopping around for the perfect duvet cover, here are a few tips to help you decide on the perfect addition to your bedding. The Benefits of a Duvet Cover #1 Protect your Duvet with a Cover Down comforters and duvets absorb sweat, body oils and any other liquids that may come into contact with them. Dirt and dust also accumulate on the surface of your duvet over time, staining and soiling your duvet.

I’m not usually a fan of any kind of shelving units above the bed. Why so? Because two reasons, they remind me of some very ugly bedrooms from my childhood ( not my bedroom, thank God) and second, earthquakes. Don’t laugh, imagine a vase hitting you while you’re sleeping. See? Not fun. Still, I’m loving the whole aesthetics of this Ikea bedroom, the shelving looks very dreamy and the little workspace area near the bed is very practical, especially when you lack space. Though, there’s still the earthquake issue…

Paint your dreams in neutral colors and minimal shapes and you will have a relaxing sleep in a cozy, spacious and clutter free bedroom. The Scandinavian style is perfect for your bedroom and it will help you get the good relaxing sleep you need. Here are nine ideas of dreamy minimal bedrooms: 1. Exotic influences This minimal bedroom has some cute exotic influences that makes it look even more relaxing. So, decorate your dreamy bedroom with big leaves and rattan deco items. 2. Ethno vibe This gorgeous bedroom has a

If you have a studio or a one room apartment, you have to make a cute small bedroom in this space. It’s pretty simple and we found ten dreamy ideas for you to try, we hope you like them: 1. Minimal magic Add a fake glass wall with curtains in a minimal apartment to create a tiny and cool bedroom. This design is very relaxing and also practical. 2. Canopy dream If you live in a tiny apartment and you want a fairy tale or boho vibe in your home

It’s easy to create a wonderful space for your child to grow and enjoy themselves – you simply need to pick a theme and stick to it. You could talk it through with them but it may be the case that they will offer up some less-than-practical suggestions, so ultimately it will be down to you to choose the right bedroom for them. Here are eight great ways to decorate your child’s bedroom that will leave them amazed and keep your house looking stylish. The Library Got an avid reader?

The gallery wall is the new cool arrangement for your bedroom and is the best one because you can’t ever get tired of it. And why is that, you ask…well, it’s simple! You can change the pictures as often of the as you wish. So, if you want to plan a vacation make a mood board as a gallery wall or if you are obsessed by a star or theme, make a gallery wall using them as your main subject. Here are seven dreamy ideas: 1. On top of the

1. Dreamy lights To make a room really romantic and cozy, add dreamy light around your bed. Also, to emphasize the romance pick a romantic quote and add it on top of your bed. 2. Pink details A knitted pink cover and a bouquet of flowers are dreamy accents that will bring passion and romance to a space. Pair them with some cool black & white artwork and you will have a very stylish space. 3. Simplicity is perfection! This bedroom suggests subtle romance. The white sheets look comfortable, intimate

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