5 Colour Ideas for Your Contemporary Bathroom Design

Contemporary bathrooms are often white or grey. The days of avocado or pampas bathroom suites are long gone and today’s consumers crave modern white fixtures and fittings, underfloor heating, and stylish metro tiles. Often, colour is an afterthought, introduced to add interest in an otherwise sterile space. There is nothing wrong with a white or grey bathroom. Indeed, if your

3 key design elements for your Art Deco inspired bathroom

If you’re thinking of redesigning your bathroom and you’re looking for high impact inspiration, look no further than Art Deco. The striking beauty of this early 20th century art and architecture trend, popularised by The Great Gatsby, Poirot and even Downton Abbey, lends itself perfectly to adding some glamour and opulence to your bathroom. Much favoured in the 1920s and

Design Tips for Remodelling Your Bathroom

Remodelling your bathroom can be a tricky endeavour. Depending on a number of factors it’s possible that putting one of your bathrooms out of commission can seriously clog up the natural rhythm of your household. It’s important that you know what, how, and the length of time needed to redesign a place like your bathroom. In order to not have