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Make a paradise out of your dreamy bathroom, no matter its size. Add glam details, make it all about beauty and relaxation and create a stunning space that looks like one in a top hotel. Here are nine dreamy ideas for you: 1. Add a dreamy chandelier Instead of a classic light bulb or light pendant choose a dreamy chandelier. The fancier it is, the more stunning your bathroom will become and crystals or something resembling to them are ideal for this room’s chandelier. 2. Choose vintage and glam mirrors

Summer is the season when you can relax more often in dreamy showers and to really make this space a splendid oasis, we tough about some dreamy and creative ideas for you. So here are seven inspiring showers that will definitely make any day more relaxing: 1. Moroccan vibe This terracotta shower makes you think of a paradise in Marrakesh. The green plants give a nature feel to the space and the adorable tiles make you think of a dreamy pool. 2. Japanese dream Dreaming about butterflies and fantasy wallpaper?

Contemporary bathrooms are often white or grey. The days of avocado or pampas bathroom suites are long gone and today’s consumers crave modern white fixtures and fittings, underfloor heating, and stylish metro tiles. Often, colour is an afterthought, introduced to add interest in an otherwise sterile space. There is nothing wrong with a white or grey bathroom. Indeed, if your bathroom is tiny, white is a useful way of making the room look and feel more spacious. But, if you dislike the sterility of floor to ceiling white, there are

Dream, relax and think about the best spaces in 2016. We’ve round up our favorite bathrooms that make us dream in the middle of the day and we can’t wait to find out your favorite interior: 1. Mosaic game If you want a dreamy and glam bathroom, pick blue and white and add a pop of color by picking fresh roses. Add also golden elements and your bathroom will look simply lovely! 2. Nautical spirit Make your bathroom looking like a dream boat and pick navy cabinets and a round

If you’re thinking of redesigning your bathroom and you’re looking for high impact inspiration, look no further than Art Deco. The striking beauty of this early 20th century art and architecture trend, popularised by The Great Gatsby, Poirot and even Downton Abbey, lends itself perfectly to adding some glamour and opulence to your bathroom. Much favoured in the 1920s and 1930s, Art Deco was an influential art and design movement that first emerged in France after World War I and quickly spread to other countries. The movement takes its cue

November is the month before the big Christmas holiday, so we can already start decorating our home in a very festive and cozy way. Make your space warm and friendly and prepare it for a season full of joy and guests. Don’t forget to follow us on pinterest! Here are ten dreamy ideas: 1. The Before Christmas spirit It’s not too early to add a creative X-Mass tree like this one in your dreamy home. Decorate it with lights and your living room will look fantastic! Add also covers and

When discussing making the interior design of our house heavenly, or making a plan to renovate our home to give it a classic and comfortable feel, only a few of us? would remember to mention the bathroom interior design. It is because we perceive it as the utilitarian are a which has to be practical more than beautiful, or maybe because we feel it’s a part of the home where visitors don’t usually see. But then, bathrooms are as much personal place of retreat from the world as they are

A luxurious lookalike space is often our wish when decorating our home. We pick luxurious living rooms, bedrooms and closets on now we also wish for our bathroom to look perfect ant tend towards luxury. It’s actually very easy to make your bathroom seem more chic & trendy, that’s why we gathered seven easy tricks for you, that will make this space look just like one in an expansive hotel. 1. Add a statement mirror I think that the mirror is one of the most important items in a bathroom

Lighting can make all the difference to the bathroom in your home. That’s why it is so important to think about how the room is used when you choose light fittings. A large family bathroom might benefit from a bright, clear light for everyday use by both adults and children. Softer lighting may be a good choice for evening relaxation, perhaps in a luxury en suite. Does your bathroom feature a single ceiling light that does its job without much warmth or imagination? Whether you want to turn the light

Remodelling your bathroom can be a tricky endeavour. Depending on a number of factors it’s possible that putting one of your bathrooms out of commission can seriously clog up the natural rhythm of your household. It’s important that you know what, how, and the length of time needed to redesign a place like your bathroom. In order to not have remodelling stall be sure you have a detailed plan of action before you go about making changes. Make Sure Your Water Drains What people sometimes tragically overlook when remodelling a

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