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Whether you have a huge living room, a space shaped in a ,,L” form, a room you just want to fill in with something stylish or a lot of friends, a sectional sofa is just the thing for you! Chic, practical and an entertaining item, here are ten styling tips for this dreamy sofa: 1. Minimal mood If you are looking for a minimal living room, this is the perfect one. Styled in soft and calm colors and with plenty of space for your guests, this room is super dreamy! Pair the

Getting a new office and trying to make your old one a prettier and more organized space? Well, we thought that these seven new IKEA items might help you out. So, take a look: 1. Store with style This cool storage facility from the PS 2017 collection is just what you need in an eclectic or industrial home. Everything you store will look prettier and its design will personalize your office space. 2. Glam holders Make your office dreamy with practical holders in a super easy way. These Hejsan boxes have a

After so much work, especially durings summer,  you need to think about a good vacation and a lot of relaxing moments at home. That’s why you need to find that perfect corner for a dreamy nook. From a swing, to comfy chairs, big pillows or a bench, it’s easy to create the perfect dreamy nook. Here are ten amazing nook ideas: 1. Swing away If you love patterns and you want to easily make a nook in your home, you can choose this type of easy model. You can learn how

We love dreamy furniture and deco items, so we tend to make our home more cluttered than needed. But, yes there is a but, we don’t actually need that much furniture or that many items. So, here is a list of eight items you don’t necessarily need in your home, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t dreamy or that we don’t love them anymore: 1. A bathroom stool Yes, it looks really pretty, but do you really need a bathroom stool knowing that you also have a bathroom cabinet. Well, it’s one

This summer we are so much in love with the boho chic decor that we want to show you eight reasons why this style is so perfect for this warm season. Relaxed and full of creativity we are sure that many of you will fall in love with this cool style: 1. It can be mixed and matched any kind of decor From eclectic to Scandinavian style, boho chic is one of the easiest styles to mix and match. This season, mix it with the cool eclectic looks or the

Minimal spaces are very loved right now  and these nine minimal modern spaces that just take your breath away. Easy to achieve  in terms of arrangement and the amount of furniture you need,  this spaces would look great in any kind of home. 1. The Lounge Well this is an amazing modern scenario of how some minimal items can really look amazing. Pick a relaxing and fancy chair, a modern coffee table and, then, create your own oasis adding an oversized green plant and some dreamy deco items. 2. Let’s dine!

Let’s change the bedroom a little bit and add some cool factors that can transform this room into the dreamy and relaxing space you need. Here are eight Ikea stylish solutions: 1. The dreamy mirror This gorgeous Nissedal mirror has a classy frame that will bring style into your bedroom. It’s practical and easy to place next to your bedroom and it fits any kind of room decor. 2. Calm, fine lines This silky Blarips cover and pillow set will bring a calm vibe into your bedroom. Plus, stripes are really

In all its beautiful shades, green is the most popular color for this year. But, when it comes to elegance and class, emerald green has the beauty you need for this kind of interior. It was difficult to decide, but we picked our favorite emerald green interiors and we choose some cool and green shopping suggestions. Here they are: 1. The fancy bedroom Pick a green velvet headboard for your dreamy bedroom and your home will be according to this spring’s trends. Pair it with golden elements and a great

Every sign has his little obsessions and they are shown also in the design world. So, from sign to sign we will analyze the top essentials every zodiac sign should have in its home – from objects to deco ideas – and we will start with the Cancer sign. Let’s start dreaming! Romantic and sentimental, Cancers are obsessed with the past, but also with objects that have a sentimental value. So, make sure you gather on a wall or two a lot of memories of favorite photos or art pieces

It’s vacation season and what better way to remind you it’s time to take a break from work than a dreamy bedroom inspired by the sea and the ocean. Something calm, something gorgeous and something blue are the key elements that will make you wish for a bedroom like these ones. Here are nine dreamy ideas for you: 1. Let’s go to the sea Pick a wooden headboard for your bed and on top of it add beautiful pictures that show the sea or the waves or just anything that

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