5 practical ideas for small bedrooms

We spend a third of our life sleeping, so the bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the house, because it has to provide comfort and to be a place where we feel safe. When it comes to small bedrooms, decorating can be a challenge because we have to carefully think how to optimize the space so it can be functional. Also, we can use a few tips and tricks in order for the bedroom to look bigger than it actually is.

Here are 5 practical ideas for small bedrooms:


  1. Storage under the bed

If you have a small bedroom, you need to make some adjustments, so the place does not feel cluttered. The space under the bed is an ideal place for storage, be it drawers incorporated in the bed or even boxes. Nice and clean!


2. Clothes storage

Instead of using a big wardrobe that would take up a lot of space, a stander on your commode is a great solution for using the space vertically. Creative and smart!


3. Place the bed on the width of the room

Instead of placing the bed on the length of the bedroom, an option would be putting it on the width of it, near the window. This way the space would feel more spacious and brighter.


4. Mirror, mirror on the…closet

Mirrors are a great solution for making spaces appear bigger. In this case, placing them on the doors of the closet, not only will create spaciousness, but it will also add a bit of glamour to your bedroom.


5. Build on heights

Building on heights is always a go to solution when it comes to small spaces. A few shells above the bed, will keep your stuff organized and the overall look of the room will be harmonious.


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