8 Gorgeous round bathtub ideas for a relaxing summer

It’s time to relax in a gorgeous round bathroom that looks like one from a spa, a gorgeous vacation retreat or one that can easily be part of the nature. Here are eight dreamy round bathtub ideas for a relaxing summer in your own home:

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1. Artsy day

Surround a modern tub with a dreamy and artsy gallery wall. You will feel like being next to a modern exhibition! Also, make everything more modern and decorate your bathroom with black and white tiles.

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2. Spa idea

Create a Spa in your home by surrounding a round bathtub with a lot of spa elements. Pick small wooden chairs and decorate them with candles, choose all neutral towels and add gorgeous plants and flowers around this relaxing space.


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3. Moroccan twist

Make the perfect reading and relaxing space in your round bathtub by adding a wooden tray with magazines, candles and whatever you need. Also, give a gorgeous Moroccan twist to this space and decorate it with an Oriental chandelier, diamond shaped tiles and golden taps.

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4. Ethno details

Make your round tub fresh, ethno and nature inspired by adding an ethno rug next to it and surrounding it with a lot of green plants. Also, for a more nature inspired vibe choose green and white as the main color scheme.

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5. Retreat feeling

Imagine you’re in a gorgeous retreat or in a trip to Marrakech and choose a round black tub and surround it with Moroccan elements like a gorgeous chair, rugs, towels and oversized plants.

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6. Nature inspired oasis

It’s time to feel like you’re taking a bath in the middle of a gorgeous forest. Surround your round tub with natured inspired deco elements and choose wood, rattan or rocks as the main materials of the room.

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7. Classy touch

Make a round tub super classy adding it next to fancy black tiles. Also, never forget that framed pictures and paintings can also work for your bathroom space. So, for a more relaxing and exotic vibe choose pictures with plants, flowers or tropical landscapes.

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8. Rustic feeling

Go rustic and pick a round wooden tub for your bathroom space. You will feel like taking a bath in a spa, country home or farmhouse and you will love this special vibe.

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