Writing about How to Create and Organize Study Space

“Where is my history paper that I need to hand in tomorrow? I had it right here, and now it is gone.” I am sure all of the students were in the same situation. Usually, we are too busy to keep our desk neat and tidy when the “dead week” is coming. The professional team of writers knows the way out. So, if you want to get A+, the best place to start is at the very beginning – with your study space.


The most efficient ways as proven by science to help you get the paper done are to keep your desk organized or to order your coursework using the essay writing service cheapest. We know how to tidy up your workplace in under ten minutes. Let us get right into it.

The Place

It should not really come as much of a surprise that if you study in bed or sofa, you are going to feel sleepy. It is your area for relaxing, so you are not going to be that focused here. You want your desk to be a place where you can go to every single day. By doing this, you will develop a habit which will eventually improve your concentration.

Your work environment should have a bit of personal flair. It has been proven that making decisions about the organization of your own space is empowering. In 2018, a study in London found that workers given the opportunity to arrange an office with as many or as few plants and pictures as they wanted were 32% more productive than those who were not.

When a student is trying to recall information in an exam, they will remember it best if they learn that information in an environment similar to the exam environment. So, if you want to place all your plans on that desk, it is not going to help you remember all those facts that you tried so hard to learn in the first place. Instead, think of the place you are going to be tested in and try to recreate that studious atmosphere at your desk at home.


Artificial lighting or poor lighting conditions are really detrimental to your work output. Your body has a daily cycle, it is circadian rhythm, and this is controlled by sunlight. When you are surrounded by artificial light all the time, you will be sleepy. At home, you want to be getting as much natural light as possible. If you can, put the desk by the window. In case you can’t do that, opt for some gentle artificial light, nothing that is going to be glaring in your eyes and making you feel uncomfortable.

Necessary Items

It has been proven that your workspace really can influence your level of productivity and motivation. The first thing to do when organizing or reorganizing your desk is to take everything off. Try to categorize things as you take them off though, so create little piles for stationary, books, worksheets and other things.

Once your desk is clear take a wet cloth and wipe it down. Add a little bit of lavender or lemongrass oil to give it a really nice fresh smell.

Sort out old pens and throw out the ones that do not work anymore. Choose your favorite ones to keep on your desk, and the rest can go into storage. No matter how you organize your space, you want to make sure you have all of the materials at hand – pens, pencils, notebooks, drinks, snacks, and more snacks. Do not give yourself any excuses to leave your desk.

Only use necessary items for studying. Make sure you have things you are actually going to use when you are studying. You do not need the whole collection of highlighters. In this way, you will have a lot more space at your desk, and it will be more calming for your eyes and brain.

Cord Organization

We highly recommend you to buy for a couple of dollars the basic organizers that fit your drawers. It will give you a compartmentalized space to put your office supply, so they do not roll all around in the drawer as you are opening and closing it. For example, you can easily put a cord basket under your desk. All you need to do for this is get little hooks, screw them on to the underside of your table and out your outlet hub in the basket so that you do not have to see cord flutter.

So, can we conclude from statements mentioned above? Dear students, employees, and fellows, if you control your environment, you will improve your focus, physical and mental comfort as well as the stamina. And in the end, you will have a pleasant bonus – the finished paper.




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