Smart Moving Tips from Professional Movers and Packers

While moving your house, on the whole, is one of the most exciting task in life, it can be time consuming and exhausting. The whole process starts with planning the actual move and ends once you have finally settled in your new property. Planning, packing, loading, transportation, unloading, unpacking, settling can sometimes bring many undesirable issues. However, if managed properly, all these tasks can be carried out very smoothly. The issues can be resolved by hiring services from a professional residential moving company.

Before you finalize on the packers and movers, it is extremely crucial to understand the services they provide. Of course, there are many reputed companies that can help you with the local/ inter-city move. But, Blake & Sons Moving & Storage is a Frederick moving company that offers highly reliable services and smart tips for a hassle-free moving.

Here we have listed a few moving tips recommended by professional movers in Frederick, Maryland.

Remove Unnecessary Items

It is very important to dispose of all the things that you no longer need before you choose reliable packers and movers. You will be surprised to discover a lot of things that are of no use anymore – garments, utensils, etcetera. Disposing of the extra things can act as a quick clean up, which is necessary before the move.

Planning is Everything

After discarding the things you no longer need, divide your stuff into various categories and place them separately. For example, keep the delicate stuff like cutlery and collectibles separately. Make sure you keep the books away from liquid stuff and sharp objects. Bigger objects are easy to dismantle and pack. So keep in mind to first organize the smaller things in your home to ensure you have a smooth moving process. Make a list of all your stuff and label them. Keep the list with yourself until the entire process is complete.

Research, Research, Research

For choosing the ideal moving company in your area, you can either ask your friends and family for a referral, or you can do the research. Go online and shortlist the companies according to the price and services they offer. Remember to check the reviews and be careful of fraudulent moving companies. Check the credibility and reliability of the moving company you are hiring.

Pets and Plants

Well if you plan on taking your garden plants with you, ask for storage and moving pods for plants and pots. It might be possible that in all the hassle, you keep your plants with the other stuff and might end up damaging them. Similarly, if you have pets, you need adequate transport for them too. Although the professional moving companies recommend that you should try to take your pets with you, if possible.

Always Opt for Insurance

People mostly overlook an important aspect while hiring the packers and movers, i.e., checking the company’s insurance policy. There is a genuine possibility that there might be some wear and tear to your stuff while the goods are being moved. Make sure you look for a company that offers you full insurance coverage because only a well-established and experienced company acknowledges that wear and tear are a part of the process. And hence, it is best to provide full insurance coverage to the client beforehand. If the company you select refuses to give you the coverage and insists upon the fact that they are highly reliable, take it as a sign and reconsider your options.


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