6 Inspiring side tables for your dreamy living room

Because the living room side table comes second after the coffee table when talking about the stars of the room, this doesn’t mean it has to be less dreamy. So, think wisely when decorating this cute tiny table and check the six splendid ideas we have for you:

1. Soft look

In a vintage looking living room choose a minimal and round side table ant match it with a velvet sofa to make a great contrast. Add a vase filled with wheat spikes to emphasize on the cold season theme of the room. Add also retro inspired candles on the table and cute vintage inspired small deco items.

2. Glam mood

If you have a pastel living room, a mid century one or a glam living space, pick a golden side table with a retro design. Decorate it with mid century lamps, dreamy scented candles and pastel books. You can even add seasonal flowers in white or soft pastels.

3. Mid century vibe

Pick a mid century inspired table with lots of shelves. This table it perfect for magazine lovers or people who adore having collectibles. Match books with magazines and add on top of them candles or different small deco items for a dremier look.

4. Moroccan moments

If you have a bohemian or modern living room, pick a different side table like the one with a Moroccan or oriental design. It looks very creative and original so match it with oriental themed deco items or small deco items with colorful or inspiring prints.

5. Elegance is the key

For a masculine or mid century living room pick a gold & marble coffee table. Decorate it with crystal or vintage bottles, fancy glasses and retro candles or candlestick and enjoy a relaxing and classy afternoon at home.

6. Minimal accents

This kind of minimal black side table is perfect for a Scandinavian inspired home, a cool loft or a minimal living room. Think of minimal deco items when you decorate it and also choose cool design elements like magazines, lamps or hard cover albums.


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