6 Dreamy coffee table books and how to style them

Besides looking dreamy and being big center pieces for your coffee table, coffee books are also great welcoming items for guests and can really start a conversation. So, going gender by gender, here are six dreamy themes for your coffee table books:

1. Photography lovers

These kinds of coffee books are excellent for guests when having spare time. They are great for browsing through and figuring out which photos you love or don’t and share your opinion with others.

We recommend: ”Humans of New York“; ”The Wes Anderson Collection”; ”Annie Leibovitz: Portraits: 2005-2016”; ’’The Atlas of beauty

2. Let’s travel

If you love travel and your friends also do, this theme is perfect for coffee table books. You can choose some featuring exotic destination or unique places, different hotels or destinations you must see in a lifetime. Then, you can talk with your friends and family about places you really want to go in the near future.

We recommend: ”Off the Road Book”; ”Luxury Hotels”;  ”Destinations of a lifetime


3. Fashionable days

Fashion is a great and beautiful subject to chat about. And looking at clothes, outfits or just a bit of fashion history is perfect for people who love dressing up or who love art.

We recommend: ”The Little Black Jacket”; “The Big Book of Chic”; ”It – Alexa Chung”; ”Vogue: The Covers”;

4. Art/architecture lovers

Is great to look at home deco while you’re in a home. Then you can compare the stuff you see or come out with new decorating idea for your friend’s home or yours. So the art or architecture books are great for inspiration when it comes to decorating, what furniture to pick or what new photo to frame.

We recommend: ”Vogue Living: Houses, Gardens, and People’’; ”American Fashion Designers at home”;


5. Cooking time!

If you want to host a dinner party or you are a foodie, browse with your friends through a cooking coffee table book and pick out recipes. Make suggestion for the nest party or just keep in mind some new things to cook at home.

We recommend: ”Saladish”; ”Toast & Jam’‘; ”Where Chefs Eat”; ”My last supper

6. Hobby day

From cocktail recipes, to pets, old cars, collectibles or movies, hobby books are great and they can start brilliant conversations at parties or gathering. So, think about your hobbies and about the ones of your friends and start great stories.

We recommend: ”James Bond Cars”; ”Vintage cocktails”; ”The Home Barista


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