5 Dreamy things an Aquarius loves in home decor

A modern home with futuristic details is perfect for an Aquarius, a sign that always loves the modern times. Also, the industrial details and the geometric details are great for this signs dreamy home. Moreover, you will always see bold colors in an Aquarius home and its favorite are: blue and violet.

This sign loves big windows, because he is a constant dreamer and also loves looking at the world, nature or surroundings. Also, he enjoys decorating it’s windows with floating plants or plants in jars, that make nature closer to this adventurous sign.

A unique and artsy sign, an Aquarius will also search for unique details in its home: like handmade deco items, works of art or really creative furniture or deco pieces. You won’t see a lot of normal pieces in this signs home, because he sure loves colors and creativity. Because of its infinite imagination, this sign loves to work and also focus a lot on its own projects so an Aquarius will need a very artsy office space where he can make magic happen.

So, here are five dreamy things an Aquarius needs in its splendid home:

1. Big windows

2. Plants near a window

3. Creative deco items and furniture

4. Works of art

5. An artsy home office

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  1. Thanks for the inspiration! I just celebrated a birthday and thought i would redo our great room. We just finished with paint and i’m now off to look for a new sofa. Plants are a must in this room as well.