Zodiac and home decor: Which new trend goes with which zodiac sign

We started the New Year talking about the newest trends and because we love zodiac sign so much and also believe in them, it’s time to show you which new trends go with which zodiac sign. From Aries to Pisces here are the trends that define your sign this year:

Aries Sign – Seventies love

The seventies elegant and daring color are perfect for an Aries, which truly loves colors in its home. So, choose strong seventies inspired furniture and focus on home deco elements that show how powerful this sign is.


Taurus Sign – The hyggee spirit

Always searching for comfort in its life, a Taurus will be obsessed with the hyggee spirit that’s super popular this season. So, think about Scandinavian deco pieces and a lot of cozy elements that will make your home the perfect hanging out space.

Gemini Sign – The new kitchen storage solution

Gemini are known for their clutter, that’s why new storage solutions are always a great idea for them. And because we know they are food loves, the under the counter storage solution for your kitchen is the trend to embrace this New Year. Also, it’s perfect for socializing and also a great way to hide your kitchen stuff.

Cancer Sign – The retro wallpaper

Because the wallpaper is making a huge comeback this season, the Cancer sign will love this romantic deco elements that usually have a floral pattern, a Cancer’s favorite print. So, pick it for your living room or bedroom and make your home dreamy, vintage inspired and creative.

Leo Sign – Velvet items & The Art deco style

An opulent sign which loves to glam up its space and focus on luxurious elements will love the new art deco style. This trend also features a lot of dreamy velvet items and a lot of golden details, a Leo’s favorite shade.

Virgo Sign – Ethno elements

Because a Virgos home is super practical and simple, focusing on neutral elements, ethno details are just great for this sign’s home. So give structure to any space with dreamy ethno covers and pillows that will also satisfy your constant need of new and different stuff with a wide print mix.

Libra Sign – The cool and stylish stacked wall

An art lover and a sign that cherishes collectibles and also loves to read will simply adore the stacked wall trend that allows you to be really creative. So, in a trendy bookcase, like a minimal one or a chic one made of black steel style up books and deco elements. Everything will look amazing!

Scorpion Sign – The dark kitchen

Because this sign is obsessed with dark colors and a very mysterious and romantic vibe, but also because he always wants to hide from the world, a Scorpio will definitely love the cool dark kitchen. This will be its perfect hiding spot that’s also super elegant and chic.


Sagittarius – Natural materials

Because of its constant need to go on adventures and always being a nature lover, this sign will love the new trends that feature natural fabrics. So, think about fabrics and materials that belong in the nature when decorating your dreamy home like: raffia, rattan, wood or stones.

Capricorn Sign – Minimal lines

A practical sign, the Capricorn always loves a good minimal design and this season this style is making a comeback with modern and really cool details or as a mix between modern and retro elements, all in a dreamy minimal design.

Aquarius Sign – Geometric patterns

Nobody loves the geometrical elements as much as the Aquarius Sign does, so think of these dreamy elements when decorating your home that will look more modern and futuristic like this. And you sore love a modern style in your artsy home!

Pisces Sign – The dimed light

If there is a big mystery lover in the zodiac, then that sign is definitely Pieces. So, this season focus on the new trend that brings a magical vibe into your home with less light and a dreamy use of candles, especially elegant ones.

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