What kitchen fits your style the best according to your zodiac sign

Looking for the perfect kitchen? Well, we have a lot of new trends this year and we are telling you which one fits every zodiac sign. So, let’s find out:

Aries – Bold shades

Aries love a pop of color when it comes to their dreamy home, that’s why you should forget about all neutral kitchens and think about fantastic pop of colors such as turquoise or yellow for this entertaining space.

Taurus – The new banquettes

A comfy sign such as Taurus will love the kitchen banquettes, They look truly fancy this year and bring comfort and a sense of tidiness in this sign’s beloved kitchen space.

Gemini – The perfect interaction space

A sociable and overly chatty sign such as Gemini will love a kitchen that’s more an interaction space that a room for cooking. So, in the middle of the kitchen add a dreamy island and decorate it with dreamy bar stools.

Cancer – A farmhouse inspired kitchen space

The farmhouse style will work wonders for the nostalgic Cancer that loves looking back to the beauty of the past and also having it in its lovely home. So think about beautiful wooden ceilings, a vintage chandelier and vintage inspired chairs. Also, focus on a gorgeous and neutral color scheme.

Leo – Fancy armchairs

The bar stools have arms now and every sitting item you can think of has to have arms, because this year we seek comfort. So an elegant and fancy sign such as Leo will love this refined kitchen trend.

Virgo – Multiple islands

A practical signs such as Virgo will love the multi island trend that will help her organize her busy life. Also, here this sign can cook more and try recipes because we know a Virgo is good at anything.

Libra – The lovely pastels

A romantic signs which loves a calm vibe will adore a pastel kitchen, that’s trending this season. Pastel tones are truly serene and that will give a Libra the feeling it needs in your kitchen space. Our favorite pastels this season: blush pink and light blue.

Scorpio – Metallic finishes

Metallic finishes go great in a dark kitchen that will be the perfect hideout space for a Scorpio. So pair gold details with black cabinets or a navy blue wall with dreamy dark metal, copper or golden finishes.

Sagittarius – A big focus on recycled materials

Because Sagittarius loves so much nature, he will love to protect it. That’s why this year the recycled material trend, especially when it comes to the kitchen space, will be the perfect project for this passionate sign. So forget waste and think of what you can recycle when it comes to your dreamy kitchen.

Capricorn – Fancy Faucets

You love architecture and also hi-end things, so this why this year pick a fancy faucet that has an industrial twist to it. These items make your life easier, practical and also look nice and those are qualities a Capricorn really enjoys for its home and kitchen space.

Aquarius – A gorgeous wabi sabi kitchen

A sign that loves freedom, nature and also being eco will love the minimalistic wabi sabi Japanese style that focuses on a simple way of living and on natural materials like wood, paper, raffia or rocks.

Pisces – Greenery

The spiritual side that Pisces have will make them want to have a Greenery kitchen space that looks dreamy, calm and relaxing, a feeling that this intuitive sign always searches for.

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