The perfect bedroom for you in 2019 according to your zodiac

We searched every new deco style that’s trending this year for your bedroom and tought about mixing it up with the zodiac signs. Check out our dreamy suggestions for the perfect bedroom in 2019 according to each zodiac sign and do tell us if you identity with these descriptions:

Aries – Built in nighstand

Because an Aries loves to work and having everything close to him, especially his books or work plans, we will love a built in nighstand and headboard where he can keep all the essential items he needs.

Taurus – A cozy bedroom

We get back to the lazy Taurus and of course we think about the most comfortable bed when we speak about this sign. So, focus on your bed when it comes to this space and decorate it with a lot of cozy pillows, covers and furry rugs.

Gemini – Blush pink

Gemeni love Spring that’s why they will love a blush pink bedroom that will make them think of the beautiful cherry trees that blossom in the beautiful season that’s yet to come.

Cancer – The love for antiques

Antiques are making a huge comeback this season and the bedroom space is just perfect to store these dreamy elements. So, choose a dreamy vintage inspired make-up table, a gorgeous vintage inspired curtain or wallpaper, a lovely chair and other dreamy items you can think of.

Leo – Fancy headboards

A Leo always loves to show off so the fancy headbords fit the best a Leo’s personality especially the ones in and art deco design and made of velvet. Sweet dreams!

Virgo – A Metropolitan bedroom

A chic color like light grey it’s perfect for a minimal and practical sign like Virgo. And since Metroplitan is a chic and popular color for this year, paint your bedroom like this and decorate it with minimal deco items.

Libra – A statement mirror

A Libra loves some opulance in its home and its also a pretty narcisistic sign so this season make your bedroom really stand out with a dreamy statement miror. Out favorite one is a vintage inspired one with golden frames and I think this stylish sign will simply adore it!

Scorpio – The dark painted bedroom

This year a dark green such as Night Watch and a dark navy blue or even blue are popular colors for your bedroom space. And since Scorpios love mysteries they will love the elegant and enigmatic shades 2019 has to offer.

Sagittarius – Palette beds

A practical and adventurous sign like Sagittarius will adore a palette bed, especially if he can make it himself. So, decorate this kind of bed with a lot of green plants and you will have the feeling of sleeping outdoor, your favorite space.

Capricorn – Industrial elements

Industrial elements go great with the minimal style a Capricorn adores. Also, a motivated sign such as the Capricorn will always want have a bedroom that’s cool and hi-end and these elements really define its style.

Aquarius – Print mix

This season mix tribal and ethno details and think of geometric shapes when it comes to the perfect print game. And since an Aquarius is such a creative sign, this is the perfect trend to follow for him in making the perfect bedroom space.


Pisces – Seventies inspired bedroom

A sign that search for a calm vibe will love a Seventies inspired bedroom with a lot of relaxing bohemian elements and dreamy oversized plants. It will keep this sign constantly dreaming about vacations.

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