Is Your Home Ready To Sell?

Selling your home can be a trying, tiring time – there is so much to think about, and it can take many weeks or even months of having people around to view your home, making it difficult to get on with your own life. If you can sell your home more quickly, you can get back into a normal routine much sooner, and you will be less stressed. Therefore, it’s crucial that you get your home ready to sell to make any prospective buyer much more interested. Here are some ways you get do it.


Since you are going to be packing everything up anyway, it makes sense to start early and to remove any items that really don’t need to be in your home. A cluttered home will be difficult to sell as it will be hard for buyers to imagine their own furniture in the spaces – the property will look much smaller than it really is, plus you might accidentally give off the impression that you don’t care much for the property, and that can give anyone viewing cause for concern.

By decluttering, you will make things easier on yourself when you come to pack (you can either pack items and store them, give them away, trash them, or sell them if you prefer – this is your ideal chance to decide), and make your home sell faster.

It’s The Small Things

When you have lived in a property for a number of years, there will be little problems that you just don’t notice anymore, or that you have learned to live with. Although they don’t bother you, they might bother a prospective buyer. Take the time to walk through your home room by room and make a list of any small jobs that still need to be done. Replacing light switches that are grubby or outdated, for example, or fixing a kitchen cupboard door that is loose won’t take long, but could make a big difference.

You won’t be able to do everything yourself, so don’t be afraid to call in specialists for some of the tasks that need doing. Scratched woodwork can look unsightly, but can fix it, for example, and carpet cleaners can remove stains on your flooring.

Don’t Forget The Yard

If you’re concentrating all of your efforts on making the interior of your home look great, you might be forgetting something important: your backyard. For many buyers this is just as crucial a part of the home as anything else, and they will want to see it looking its best. An overgrown, uncared for garden will lead them to start thinking about cost implications if they were to buy the house, and that’s not a good way to start.

Have a gardener come in and tidy everything up if it is a mess. Borrow or buy some outdoor furniture (make sure it is clean and well looked after) to show the kind of lifestyle you could have if you lived there. You don’t have to be adept at planting or growing flowers, but a neat and tidy garden can make a big difference.

Photo by Deborah Diem on Unsplash