7 Fun DIY ideas you can still keep in your dreamy home

Loving a cute DIY project? Then, it’s time to make a new one and we gathered some cool ideas for it. Also, if you already have a lot of DIY deco projects at home, here are seven ideas that are still trending this season:

1. The painted cabinet or closet

Yes, a cute painted cabinet or closet its cool and also makes you want to be more creative and have something unique and joyful in your dreamy home. This year focus on a trendy color, such as this year’s optimistic – Living Coral.

2. A dreamy gallery wall

A dreamy gallery wall is always a cute idea and making it by yourself – choosing the perfect frames, painting them, making them looking vintage and mixing them up along with the perfect photos is a very fun DIY experience. So, this season try the gorgeous combo black and gold for a dreamy gallery wall in a fancy home.

3. A magic wall with memories and lights

This cute DUY idea is also great for making memories always close to you. So on a wall of your bedroom, choose your favorite pictures and memories and mix them up with a lot of neutral lights, the more the merrier and the more dreamy they will look!

4. The eclectic bottles

From making those candlesticks, to using them as dreamy vases or filling them with magic lights, the wine & other glass bottles are ideal as cute DIY home project. So, set the mood in your lovely home with this cute hack that will take you just minutes to do.

5. A gorgeous floating nightstand

Using a rope and a small round piece of wood make a floating nightstand that needs to hold only your daily essentials. So just add glasses, a dreamy vase and your favorite book on it and enjoy your cool nightstand.

6. Driftwood mirror

Since the statement mirrors are a must this season, make a unique one that looks like a golden sun only it’s made of recycled wood. Also, natural materials are super popular right now so gather some wood and start gluing it together on a round mirror, it will look super cool!

7. Palette wine rack

We love wine and if you do too, this is an easy way to make a wine rack. Just add a palette in your wall and make it the perfect home bar – being a great wine glass and bottles holder.

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