7 Deco obsessions we look forward to in this New Year

We are exciting for the New Year, but especially for the new deco trends. Glam, elegant, minimal or cozy, the new trends make our home a better and dreamy place. Here are seven deco obsessions we look forward to in 2019:


1. The Art deco style

The Art Deco style will replace the mid century modern look and become the next big thing in home decor. Sophisticated and elegant, this is the style that will ”Wow” your home in 2019.

2. Bar carts

A personal favorite, bar carts are also focused on the art deco glam and they are eye-catchy and also practical. So, let’s start having more fun in 2019, and throwing homemade parties in a chic setting.

3. Minimal lines

Because the minimal style never fades away, we will see more and more of this simple lifestyle in our home. Keep the clutter away and always think less is more when decorating a home.

4. The floor kitchen cabinet

Talking about a minimal style, a new trend for the kitchen is the lower closet or cabinet, hidden under a big kitchen island or counter top. This will make a room seem freer and with a lot of space, and you will still have enough room to store all your kitchen utensils.

5. The matte black

So minimalistic and refined, the matte black seems to replace all metallic elements making a space more modern, cool and simple.So from chandeliers, to floors or tiles add some drama in your home with the gorgeous matte black. Scott from AAMGT.com even suggests painting a whole wall in this color to make the room more mysterious and elegant. The possibilities are endless, don’t be afraid and make your choice.

6. We are golden

The golden details are taking over all the rooms in our home, making everything more special, glossy and glam. So, if you love this metallic shade, pick deco elements for all the rooms in your home in the stylish golden and in any of it shades – from dark gold to the bright one.

7. The constant need of hygge

Always searching for the calm in our home and having the need to make our place the perfect escape when feeling not in the mood to do anything, the hygge style will be the trend we need to focus on for our dreamy home. So, think cozy elements, calm colors, candles and Scandi inspired pieces of furniture.

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