6 Organizational hacks for every room of your dreamy home

New Year, new possibilities and an easy lifestyle, sounds good? Well, then it’s time for some artsy organizational hacks to show you for every room of your home. Make your home organized, save space and get rid of the clutter, here are six dreamy ideas for your, room by room:

Living Room – Mix and match boxes and pretty deco items in your bookcase

Store anything you need in your living room on a big bookcase, but don’t make this space full of clutter. Instead, try to make it dreamy and truly organized. So, add like two or three boxes per shelf where you can store electronics, documents and small items and mix them with cute albums, books and gorgeous deco items or vases with flowers.


Bedroom – Choose a cart as a nightstand 

I personally love carts as small furniture because they are easy to move if you want extra space an easy to clean under them, so having them will help you save space and having a cleaner home. Even though many of you don’t think about this, a cart is great also as a nightstand. Why, you ask? Well, it’s super spacious, having more room than an actual nighstand and help you sort out many categories: from blankets, to books and small items.

Office space – Choose furniture with drawers and organize everything in boxes or glasses

Because your office space or desk tends to be a messy space choose furniture with drawers or add extra drawers next to your desk table. Hide every small item in there or the ones that don’t look so dreamy. Everything will be stored great and easy to access. For the things you use constantly like paper or pens, make special boxes and jars or drinking glasses filled with writing utensils.

Kitchen – Make a bar counter in a tiny kitchen

If you have tiny kitchen or an open space – living room and kitchen, pick a bar counter top with a couple of bar stools. It’s a great sitting idea that will look chic and it will save a great amount of space. Also, after dining it can become a great bar spot for serving party drinks.

Bathroom – Find the perfect storing solution for anything

Baskets and boxes are great for your bathroom space, especially for storing towels and toilet paper. They look dreamier this way and this storage solution will save you a lot of space.

Hallway – Make a chic styling on a cabinet

For the hallway the best idea is to pick cabinets with closed shelves or just a stylish table. Then, create a chic arrangement on it, using books, framed pictures and of course, a big bowl where you can store you keys, coins and other small items.

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