5 New and gorgeous bathroom trends you have to check out

Because the trends change pretty often, especially in home decor, it’s time to find out what are coolest trends right now for the relaxing bathroom and enjoy a calm holiday in your dreamy home. Check them out and tell us your personal favorites:

1. Reading nook

Because in your busy lives we tend to search for a place to relax and escape, the bathtub in transforming into that special nook where you can read or enjoy a glass of wine. So, pick a metallic of wooden bathtub tray and decorate it with scented candles, flowers, wine and your favorite book and enjoy a pampering time in your own home Spa.

2. Ceiling to floor tiles

Tiles are the best option for the bathroom space so pick them from ceiling to floor and pick the same pattern or model or two different ones, one for your floor and the other for your ceiling, wall and shower cabin. Go with the trendy subway tiles for the walls and choose chic printed tiles or dark shades for the floor.

3. Grey floors

Because grey is so popular this season for the bathroom space, choose it at least for your lovely bathroom floors. And besides looking chic and making a great contrast with white, gold and metallic is also great for dust, showing less dirt, so that’s a trick you always need in this space which tends to easily get messy.

4. Cool metallic accents

The golden accents are the best for a glam bathroom right now and they work magic in a Parisian chic, elegant, Scandinavian or retro bathroom. So from your shower head to your towel bars choose pieces in this dreamy and glossy shade and you will love this space more and more.

5. The farmhouse style

This chic style is finding its way also in the bathroom space making it relaxing and stylish. So, it’s time to pick hardwood lookalike floor for this interior, a retro inspired pendant or chandelier and add a lot of chic wooden deco elements all around the space and choose white and brown as the main color palette.

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